Ahead of hearing, Scanlon launches request for 20% increase in insurance rates

HARTFORD, CT — State Representative Sean Scanlon called on the Connecticut Department of Insurance to reject proposed health insurance rate hikes in testimony submitted to the department ahead of its public hearing on the matter on Monday.

In July, Connecticut health insurers – including Aetna, Anthem, Cigna and ConnectiCare – has filed new rates with the Department of Insurance for some health insurance plans. On average, the cost of hedging plans would increase by an average of 20.4%.

In his written testimony, Scanlon said approving these cost increases would “unjustifiably” force countless Connecticut families to forfeit their lifesaving medical coverage.

Here is his statement:

The past few years have been difficult for most families in Connecticut – an unending pandemic, global economic instability, and daily questions about whether to pay for medicine or food. They simply cannot afford these health care costs. These rate hikes send an ominous message to families in Connecticut: that health insurance companies are getting out of the risk business and pushing the slightest financial threat onto their own customers rather than finding ways to cut costs.

Growing up, I was raised by a single mom who ran a small business and rarely had insurance. I experienced the reality where she was forced to postpone medical care and struggle to pay for basic prescriptions. If these rates are approved, there will be thousands of people like her who will be faced with the incredibly cruel choice of deciding to no longer be insured because they simply cannot afford another increase.

Connecticut’s hardworking people deserve better, and I urge the Connecticut Department of Insurance to reject them entirely. Our friends, relatives and neighbors literally cannot afford it.

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