An open letter to Downey City Council – The Downey Patriot

Dear Mayor Pacheco, Mayor Pro-Tem Alvarez, Councilor Frometa and Councilor Trujillo,

We and the community as a whole are very concerned about the current instability at Downey Town Hall. Like you, the four of us are still quite connected to the fabric of our community. Our fellow citizens have many questions that even we cannot properly answer or satisfy.

We have no political agenda. We are not here to tell you how to vote on political matters. This request is very simple. One of your colleagues left you unannounced. There is now a vacancy in District 2. We believe you should appoint the most capable person who can best serve our city during these challenging times.

We believe you should in the interim Fill the vacancy in District 2 with someone who has real experience in the position. It should be someone who knows the city and community inside and out. It should be a person who can only be appointed to that seat this year, not elected. It shouldn’t be someone using the power of the incumbent to get elected in November. Appointing a potential future candidate for office would undoubtedly be unfair.

Our motion is to appoint former mayor Mario Guerra to the vacant county seat. This will allow for the inclusion of a new (but old) voice of reason on the podium. This person’s service will be short-lived as the appointment can only last until the end of this year. Former Mayor Guerra will not be able to run for the seat in November, leaving him with only about six months left in office.

Regardless of how Downey got here, we all agree that city leadership is of paramount importance during this challenging time right now. There is a perception that this council is not collectively focused on the same issues. The loss of our City Manager and City Attorney makes this recruitment a top priority for us now.

They were all chosen to put the community and its needs ahead of personal preference and politics. No former mayor has worked harder, more tirelessly, and with more precision to make Downey better than Mario Guerra. Not only was Mario the best cheerleader in town when he served at City Hall, he still cheers for Downey. He also cheers for you all.

Please show our community the leadership within your governing body. True leadership requires a willingness to work as colleagues for the betterment of the whole. It needs to work even harder and tighter now to stabilize a very broken town hall with little direction.

Although the four of you find yourself in a very difficult position, we are confident that you can show real leadership skills, putting aside personalities and politics, stabilizing the town hall and boosting morale. By appointing former Mayor Guerra for the remainder of the district’s term, you can restore the community’s trust in you and in our city government.

If you can take the lead to restore stability to our city, we can all claim victory in November.

Please ensure that all members of the public have an opportunity to express their views at the City Council meeting on Tuesday April 26th.


Kirk Cartozian
Former Mayor of Downey

Rick Rodriguez
Former Mayor of Downey

Alex Saab
Former Mayor of Downey

Roger Brosmer
Former Mayor of Downey

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