Bailey Issues Statement on Yudelka Tapia’s nomination as a Democratic candidate for AD 86


(LR) Rep. Victor Pichardo, Attorney, Angel Cruz, Honorary Fellow, Elaine Grays Watts, and Yudelka Tapia, District Leader of 86 May 15, 2021. The event was originally scheduled for Saturday May 8 but has been postponed due to rain.
Photo by David Greene

State Senator and Democratic Chairperson of the Bronx, Jamaal T. Bailey, issued the following statement on Sunday, September 26, nominating Yudelka Tapia as a Democratic nominee for the 86th Congregation District.

“We are proud, District Leader Yudelka Tapia, on her nomination by the 86th Bronx Democratically District Committee next member of the Assembly of the 86th “The Bronx continues to make great strides toward leadership representative of our great district. For the first time The BronxThe majority of the delegation of the assembly should consist of women. Yudelka Tapia is smashing a glass ceiling as she will be the first woman to represent the 86th Congregation District. “

(L to R) State Sen. Jamaal Bailey, Marcos Crespo of Montefiore Medical Center, David Cruz of Gothamist and Rick Chandler of Montefiore Medical Center attend the nonprofit Mosholu Preservation Corporation’s 40th birthday party on Friday, September 17. In 2021, the Keeper’s House at 3440 Reservoir Oval East in the Norwood section of the Bronx.
Photo by Adi Talwar

Bailey described Tapia as a Dominican mother of four who raised her family in the United States Bronx and who works tirelessly to stand up for working class families and their community as a union leader, organizer and Democratically District Manager.

“With over three decades of experience promoting investment in our public schools, worker protection, safe and affordable housing, and criminal justice reforms to promote racial justice, Yudelka Tapia has long demonstrated her vision and leadership, and there is no one better is equipped to continue the mantle of leadership, ”he said. “We look forward to working with her in this new role to fight hard for the resources we need for a fair recovery that strengthens all of our communities.”

Tapia recently accepted the nomination to replace former MP Victor Pichardo, who left office on September 10th. Tapia accepted the nomination and made a long statement saying, “The Bronx has been underserved and overlooked for far too long.” Her statement can be read in full below.

Tapia was reportedly a district leader in District 37, finished second, but ultimately lost the final District 14 city council primary in June, as reported, to Pierina Sanchez, with Tapia winning 37 percent of the vote against Sanchez ’62.

Tapia was also a 2013 Democratic candidate in the special election for the seat of Assembly District 86 and ranked third in the District 14 City Council primaries in 2009, behind incumbent Maria Baez and the winner, Alderman Fernando Cabrera, reportedly .

Declaration by Yudelka Tapia on her acceptance of the nomination for the seat of the 86th assembly district.
Image courtesy of Jeff Coltin via Twitter

In 2013, as previously reported, a judge upheld the New York City Campaign Finance Board’s decision to hold Tapia accountable for more than $ 100,000 in fines and reimbursements due to her unsuccessful campaign on the city council in 2009 .

During and after her election campaign in the 14th district in 2009, Tapia fined 12 campaign finance violations totaling $ 47,774. Violations have included filing late or unnecessary filings, accepting funds from a company, failing to report expenses, and failing to respond to draft reports. Tapia appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, referring to her son’s illness at the time. He had acted as their treasurer.

Ultimately, the judge ruled Tapia and she had to repay US $ 59,930.86 in non-qualifying matching funds and US $ 47,774 in fines before returning to the city’s Matching Funds program. Since he was treasurer, Tapia’s son was also responsible for repaying funding and fines. The sentences did not prevent them from running for office at the city or state level thereafter.

Norwood news Earlier this year, the CFB reached out to the CFB to review the final outcome of this case, and officials confirmed that the repayments had been properly made. They added that it would be incorrect to say Tapia was acquitted of the injury. We also asked Tapia’s campaign for a comment on this matter in the context of her recent candidacy for District 14 City Council.

A campaign official said: “What the CFB said will be right and they will [Tapia] got suitable funds in this cycle [the 2021 District 14 City Council primary race]so it is resolved. Since this was a few years ago and had no influence on this race. We have no further comment on this. “

Meanwhile, Bailey on Monday, along with Bronx District President Ruben Diaz Jr., and Councilor of the 16th District on Monday, September 27, welcomed the introduction of COVID-19 booster vaccinations for certain populations across the world Promote city. The complete press conference can be viewed here.

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