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As the 13th largest city in California, Stockton is not only home to the state’s oldest university or the Sunrise Seaport, but also some of the busiest roads. In 2018, there was 2,037 serious traffic accidents in Stockton, resulting in personal injury or death. With a dense population of over 300,000 people and an increasing number of traffic accidents, the cost of auto insurance in Stockton remains high: $ 728 per year for minimum coverage and $ 2,114 for full coverage.

Like most states in the United States, insurance is mandatory everywhere in California, and many motorists are looking for inexpensive coverage. There are over 20 insurers in Stockton, but we’ve compiled a list of those that offer the best coverage, customer service, and pricing options without breaking the bank.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Stockton

Auto insurance isn’t just about cost. The ease of filing a claim, getting timely assistance, and getting paid quickly are some of the factors that can also be taken into account when choosing an insurance provider. According to JD Power Auto Insurance Study 2020, the following four companies stand out for the best service in the California area.

Insurance companyJD Power Score
(California area)
Average annual premium for minimum coverageAverage annual premium for full coverage
Wawanesa853/1000$ 611$ 1,519
State farm836/1000$ 754$ 2,135
Geico828/1000$ 526$ 1,661
Progressive823/1000$ 661$ 1,803


One of the oldest insurers in the country, Wawanesa was founded in 1896 and has offered auto insurance ever since. For budget-conscious drivers, Wawanesa offers affordable coverage. Although she only does business in Oregon and California, Wawanesa ranks number one in the JD Power Auto Insurance Study 2020 for its superior service and the overall satisfaction of its customers.

Along with basic liability, collisions, and full coverage, Wawanesa offers additional benefits such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and manufacturer spare parts coverage. Wawanesa sells policies directly and people can purchase insurance from their website in minutes.

State farm

If a familiar name is what you want for auto insurance, State Farm is probably one of the best insurers for you. As the largest insurer around the country, State Farm lets you choose from standard and comprehensive options, with additions like rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, and travel expense coverage to keep you protected in all circumstances. State Farm also offers a long list of discounts, the most popular being the Drive Safe & Save program. The mobile app and website are convenient for busy people, and as one of the top five insurers, you can rest assured that the company will pay claims on time because the company has a A (Excellent) AM Highest grade.


Not only does Geico offer some of the most affordable auto insurance in Stockton, it’s also a high-tech company that makes it easy to buy and manage policies without the need to speak to a real person. From the convenience of online tools and resources to multiple lines of insurance resulting in bundled discounts, Geico is made for the budget consumer. Even though the coverage options are fairly basic, the high customer satisfaction makes up for it.


In the auto insurance industry, Progressive ranks third, with user-friendly fonts that potentially help customers save up to $ 750 per year. Along with the variety of coverages and range of discounts, Progressive offers some unique features, such as the Name Your Price tool, which gives you an estimate of what type of coverage is possible within your budget. The Snapshot Safe Driver program can track your driving behavior and potentially earn you discounts and the Flo Chatbot is available for quick and easy online support.

Since Progressive sells different types of insurance products, it is possible to save money by bundling two or more policies.

The cheapest auto insurance in Stockton

California is one of the most expensive states for auto insurance. While the national average for full coverage is $ 1,674 per year, in California it costs $ 2,065 per year for the same coverage. By comparison, Stockton pays $ 2,114 a year for full coverage auto insurance, a few hundred dollars more than the state average. Since auto insurance is required to be able to drive legally, many motorists in Stockton can choose minimum coverage, which the American Automobile Association (AAA) offers for the cheapest cost in that city. At $ 519 per year, you get basic liability insurance. However, you must be an AAA member to be eligible for insurance.

Insurance companyAverage annual premium for minimum coverageAverage annual premium for full coverage
AAA$ 519$ 2,205
Geico$ 526$ 1,661
Mercury$ 638$ 1,731
Travelers$ 658$ 1,848
Progressive$ 661$ 1,803

Geico and Mercury both offer reasonable minimum and full coverage. The more popular of the two, Geico costs just $ 526 per year for liability coverage and is best suited for those who only want the basic functionality of a financially stable branded insurer. Mercury offers minimum coverage at $ 638 per year and additional coverage at $ 1,731 per year. However, the company has more than the average number of customer complaints from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and lags many others in third party scores. Those looking for additional perks may also find better options elsewhere.

For more varied coverage options, see Progressive and Travelers. Both companies rank well in the industry and have something for all types of motorists. Travelers is also the only company on our list that offers a discount for those who own a hybrid vehicle. When comparing quotes from multiple insurers, consider looking for the best value for money rather than the cheapest price.

Stockton Insurance Requirements

California has a minimum coverage requirement of 15/30/5 and this also applies to Stockton. This means that a motorist must have:

  • Coverage of $ 15,000 in bodily injury per person
  • Personal injury coverage of $ 30,000 per accident
  • $ 5,000 coverage for property damage

Minimum coverage helps pay for damage caused to others by your vehicle, but it does not protect your vehicle. If you have a new car, a car loan, or if you live in an area with high traffic fatalities or inclement weather conditions, you may need to purchase full coverage for your loan or consider lending a home. ‘buy to protect yourself more.

Discounts on auto insurance in Stockton

Regardless of the cost of premiums, it is possible to save money by availing of auto insurance discounts. Each insurer offers different types of discounts, the most common of which are:

  • Safety discounts: When a vehicle is equipped with safety devices such as anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-theft alarms, it may earn you a discount from certain insurers.
  • Bulk Discount: Combining multiple policies into a single annual premium is often rewarded by insurance companies.
  • New Vehicle Discount: If your vehicle is a brand new model, you may qualify for a price reduction on your premium.
  • Payment in full: Paying your annual premium in full at the start of your policy may earn you a percentage of your premium.
  • Good Driver Discount: Having a good driving record or taking a pre-approved safe driving course may earn you a discount.

Safe driving habits are usually a good way to ensure additional savings, but several discounts may apply after you have compared auto insurance quotes and purchased your coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto insurance company?

Since insurance is highly personal, it’s hard to call one business better than others. However, the best auto insurance companies are usually the ones that have stood the test of time and have consistently provided great service for years to come.

How much does auto insurance cost in Stockton?

California is an expensive state, as is insurance in Stockton. For basic coverage, you have to pay an average of $ 728 per year, while full coverage will cost you $ 2,114 per year. Your rate will likely be different depending on several factors such as your age and driving history.

How much auto insurance do I need in Stockton?

All over California, you must have mandatory 15/30/5 coverage, which means $ 15,000 personal injury coverage per person, $ 30,000 accidental bodily injury coverage and $ 5,000 property damage coverage. Although this is the minimum amount of insurance required, it is recommended by many insurance experts to purchase more comprehensive coverage in order to protect your vehicle in the event of an accident.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze rates for all postal codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, DC Rates shown are based on a 40 year old male and female driver with a clean driving record, a good credit and the following full coverage limits:

  • $ 100,000 liability for bodily injury per person
  • $ 300,000 in civil liability for bodily injury per accident
  • Civil liability for property damage of $ 50,000 per accident
  • $ 100,000 in bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist per person
  • $ 300,000 in uninsured bodily injury per accident to a motorist
  • $ 500 collision deductible
  • Global deductible of $ 500

Rates are determined based on 2021 Quadrant Information Services data.

To determine the minimum coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets the requirements of each state. Our example drivers own a 2019 Toyota Camry, commute five days a week, and travel 12,000 miles a year.

These are sample rates and should be used for comparison purposes only. Your quotes may be different.

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