Blair Oaks becomes an agent for the Early Childhood Education Center


The Blair Oaks R-2 School District Board of Education elected his parents as teacher coordinators to be the regional coordinator for a center for early childhood education.

Missouri has named 30 centers for early childhood education funded by a federal grant of $ 6.5 million awarded to the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2019. The goal of these centers is to improve funding and access to early childhood education.

Blair Oaks Parents as Teacher Coordinator Shauna Kerperin will be the coordinator of the regional center, which includes Cole, Moniteau, Osage and Miller counties.

The intent of these hubs is to be a collaborative group that gathers data, information, and resources from multiple locations to ultimately identify needs and provide better access to strong early childhood programs. Kerperin will oversee those who do outreach work.

During the first six months, Kerperin will gather information from various districts about what resources and early childhood programs are available.

“The intent is that after we have worked a lot together, networking and coordinating many different programs, we will have a nice resource bank to visit at any early childhood hub in Missouri,” said Kerperin. “You can call this hub or parents can come in and connect to our hub.”

Blair Oaks will be the financial agent for the money that goes to the hub.

“The money all comes from the state,” said Superintendent Jim Jones. “Ultimately, some of Shauna’s salary is offset by some of the money, so we have no financial obligation. She only acts as a leader. “

Kerperin said this will benefit Blair Oaks as it will create more opportunities to collaborate with other districts and agencies and provide early childhood programs in the district.

“I think it will work very well for us to have these resources and connections,” she said.


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