Crisis Lines

The effectiveness of the ECB’s euro liquidity lines

Silvia Albrizio, Ivan Kataryniuk, Luis Molina Sánchez, Jan Schaefer September 29, 2021 Central banks’ swap and repo lines have been used extensively over the past decade to provide liquidity in the currency markets in times of crisis (e.g. McCauley and Schenk 2020, Aizenman et al. 2021). During the Covid-19 pandemic, …

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New PG&E security measures in fire-prone areas lead to an increase in unplanned power shutdowns

Ask anyone in California’s forested communities if they would tolerate more blackouts in exchange for preventing devastating wildfire. The answer is likely a simple yes. However, local residents complain that a new, experimental system installed on its circuit breakers in fire-prone areas to more aggressively disconnect electricity to prevent forest …

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Findings from the Evergrande crisis for Indian investors

Would you like to know how the Evergrande crisis could develop for Indian investors? Listen to this fictional water cooler conversation between stock analyst Sarojini, investor Balan and banker Mukherjee. Sarojini: What a rally in the Sensex! I think it’s partly a relief that Evergrande hasn’t (technically) defaulted on interest …

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