CD 20 debate shows broad agreement on the topics, contradicting experiences

With little disagreement between them on issues such as affordable housing, gun control, and expanding Medicaid to more people, the Congressional District 20 contestants’ debate on Wednesday turned into an experience contest on any subject.

Trinity Health Services CEO Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, Repetitions. Bobby DuBose and Omari Hardy, Broward District Representative Dale Holness and Barbara Sharief and Sen. Perry Thurston debated on Wednesday the right to succeed the late US representative. Alcee Hastings.

The Broward County President’s Council of Democratic Clubs & Caucuses hosted the online Candidate Forum and selected candidates from a field of nearly a dozen Democrats who qualified for the November 2nd Democratic primary. They were selected based on their fundraising skills and other factors.

Candidates were asked if they would support a federal move to expand Florida’s Medicaid through budget adjustment, like the US representative. Ted Deutsch Has suggested. It would only take a simple majority to bypass what Republican leaders have blocked. All candidates agreed that this should be done, and some took this as an opportunity to highlight their own efforts to make health care more affordable.

“The Florida House Democratic Caucus … sent a letter to the Senate and House of Representatives (in Washington, DC) calling for just that,” DuBose said of the expansion of Florida’s Medicaid as they did Most states already under Affordable Care have law.

Sharief highlighted her nine-year membership on a national, non-partisan steering committee for health care.

“I came up with an idea to develop a Medicaid II that would be run federally by the same people as Palmetto GBA,” said a South Carolina-based Medicare administrator, Sharief. “I also suggested another idea where the FDA would go and negotiate the cost of prescription drugs with other countries for drugs that affected diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.”

Unveiled with statistics showing that home ownership in Counties Broward and Palm Beach has declined while the rent / pay gap has widened, Hardy took the opportunity to share his experience working for a housing agency, housing agency, and government agency Highlight his work on the job on the Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County.

He pointed out that Housing Allowance is a category of allowance few can ever receive, as opposed to the 100% eligible Medicare beneficiaries.

“Over three-quarters – 76% – who are eligible for Housing Allowance never get Housing Allowance because the waiting lists for a Section 8 Voucher are … years,” he said. Hardy said he thinks the federal government should invest $ 2.5 trillion in affordable housing over the next 10 years to build more of it. “So we have to make housing benefit a claim and ensure that everyone who is entitled to it receives it.”

Holness, a real estate agent and mortgage broker, said he would like Section 8’s coupons to be expanded and used for home ownership.

“This is something we can do to expand home ownership,” said Holness. “Second, the federal government must reward communities that do what is necessary to provide affordable housing by funding the programs they have, such as:

Finally, Cherfilus-McCormick highlighted her success in healthcare – and her longstanding commitment to the field. Her campaign for Congress is largely self-funding with her millions.

“I was the CEO of a healthcare company that was able to create over 1,200 jobs, and most of them for more than $ 20 an hour,” she said. “I’ve served our district body and soul for over 20 years, and I plan to bring this kind of service and tenacity to Congress so I can fight and make sure we can actually recover economically.”

Thurston, meanwhile, referred to his lists of support for local unions and his leadership experience.

“I have served as a leader in the House of Representatives, as a leader in the Senate, and as a two-time leader of the Black Caucus of the Florida legislature,” Thurston said. “This is about leadership. I will lead … Last in the vote, first in the fight for our community. “

CD 20 spans Counties of Broward and Palm Beach and crosses several mostly black areas near major cities such as Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

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