City awards four emergency contracts to resolve the waste collection crisis

City awards four emergency contracts to resolve the waste collection crisis

the City of New Orleans announced that it will forgive four Contracts with the aim of finding a solution the solid waste collection C.stand up the is further to plague our neighborhoods. Emergency contracts become excellent to Ceres Environmental Services, LLC; River birch, GMBH; Waste management, Inc. and Witt O’Brien ‘S., GMBH. the city pursues FEMA funding to subsidize the cost; the current estimateates for all new emergency trash cans is in the range of $ 20 million.

“These additional contracts will complement roadside garbage collection in both service areas and will include methodological coordination of working with our current contractors who will stand in for support,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Local residents are still very frustrated and we understand that action is the only thing that comforts our employees as we switch gears to tackle our garbage collection challenges. This is a daunting task, but we now have the resources to succeed. ”

We continued bring Everyone available Resources that we have to carry to clear our neighborhoods of trash” said Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Infrastructure Ramsey Green.Our first attempt to hire additional support no responding bidders received for Service area 2 despite domestic call for help. So, we mobilized Equipment and manpower of several C.Specialist departments and partner agencies in the meantime to face this crisis bit by bit, and at the same timeed pursue others more expedient Options. Now we have the right mix of people put together, Equipment and a local transfer station substantial progress towards solve this crisis in the next week. We are very grateful for G’s supportovernors ÖOffice of Homeland S.Safety and E.force P.Making amends (GOHSEP) director General James Waskom and D.Environment Department Qutality secretary DR. Chuck Brown for helping me find this solution. “

Ceres Environmental, LLC‘S (Ceres) existing contract with the city is being changeed to facilitate the city-wide collection of solid waste. From Friday, Sept. 24, eight teams will begin collecting all solid waste outside the garbage trucks with heavy equipment (dump trucks, front loaders, etc.). Ceres will continue with a steady increase in equipment and manpower to a total of 35 crews for the next week. This workload is separate and independent of the emergency storm debris contract and has a negligible influence on the course of this work. Local residents should not expect storm debris as part of the this emergency Garbage collection contracts.

The city retains the historically relevant storm debris (vegetative, C&D, white goods, etc.) and the storm-related ones Emergency garbage collection (excess garbage from extended power outages) separate as there will be two requests for help. With FEMA making the final decision on eligibility for public assistance requests, it is in the best interest of the city not to pool expenses that, if approved, could complicate the possible reimbursement process.

Witt O’Briens existing contract will be changed to ensure the monitoring of the waste collection of Ceres from Friday, September. 24 This workload is separate and apart from monitoring for emergencies storm Rubble contract and has a negligible impact on the supervision of this work.

River Birch LLC is awarded an emergency contract to support the waste collection Saturday, Sept.. 25th and Sunday, Sept.. 26 with 20 garbage trucks only in service area 2. The contract includes an option for additional support on future weekends if required and when the truck and driver are available.

Waste management will be awarded an emergency 90One-day contract for the reopening and operation of a waste transfer station that handles the city-wide waste collection in 16600 Chef. supports mentor Highway, New Orleans, LA 70129. This New Orleans reloading station effectively cuts the time it takes to get garbage to the dump in half, allowing crews to travel more routes each day.

Emergency waste contracts At sight

To ensure Effective administration, the City will fight back on site Expertise from the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Governor’s Office (GOHSEP). GOHSEP branch manager L.Ieyourenter C.olonel Euclid D. Talley will oversee day-to-day operations in support of the sanitary director. Together, these four companies will begin Emergency garbage collection At Friday September. 24. In the coming days, a The progress map for this operation will be available on

Update on service area 1 waste collection

Richard’s disposal continues Collection in Rest area 1 with 18 trucks, seven days a week from 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Last week, Ramelli Waste, LLC (Ramelli) was awarded a contract to expand the collection of solid waste from Richard’s Disposal in Service Area 1 for more than 3,000 households.Crews started on Thursday September 16 with four trucks focused on removing solid and sacked rubbish by the roadside; more trucks will be added as they become available.Richard’s Disposal has continued to make significant progress in returning to a single, bi-weekly waste collection.

Update on service area 2 waste collection

Metro Services Group, LLC continues operations with 15-20 trucks in service area 2, six to Seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. IV Waste Management supports you with three to eight trucks, Tuesdays to Sundays.

Progressive shutdown of Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep – Service area 2

the City initiated Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep in the Florida neighborhood Öm Thursday, Sept.. 16. Crews out mHave several city offices and partner agenciesI continue to work with them every day heavy equipment (Dump trucks, front loaders, etc.) and workers to get garbage bags out of the 51 Sub-zones within the service area 2. To date, 197 loads (2,955 cubic meters (1,182 tons))) Have was deleted by 10 accomplished Subzones and crews will continue to work actively how weather stock up production. Show Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep P.lying map.

Emergency elimination

The City Emergency Debris Removal Treaty was in place prior to Hurricane Ida. Construction company Ceres began collecting an estimated 200,000 cubic meters (54,000 tons) of storm debris last week, which will be picked up via three city-wide passes.The debris collection surveillance map is now published on CleanUp – NOLA Ready. To date, more than 57,000 cubic meters (19,232 tons) of storm debris was recovered, and 2,344 dangerous limbs / trees were removed. Based on the progress made so far, we estimate it will take approximately 30 days to complete the first pass.Information about the schedule and the planned collection route for the third and final round will be made public.

Elysian Fields Transfer Station

In response to countless inquiries where residents can drop off solid waste, the city has opened the Elysian Fields Transfer Station on Wednesday, Sept.. fifteen for residents to dispose of household waste in bags. This service is offered free of charge seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. To date, 3,145 Vehicles (an estimated 300 Metric tons) visited the transfer station to dispose of garbage. The Elysian Fields Transfer Station will continue to operate for the foreseeable future with this service company.

“Thanks to the men and women who have been tirelessly removing rubbish and debris from our streets on site since August 30th.” [Departments of Sanitation, Public Works, Parks & Parkways, Mosquito Control and Sewerage & Water Board, New Orleans Police Department, Orleans Parish Sherriff’s Office]” Hygiene Director Matt Torri said. “The crews were able to keep bags over the preparation for NSthis emergency garbage contractÖrs to get going. We would also like to thank our residents for their support in using the Elysian Fields facility. ”

Roadside recycling remains on hold while contractors focus on solid waste collection. Residents can bring their recycling to the Elysian Fields Drop Off, which is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th frome 8 am – 1 pm here is a shortcut to the remained drop Schedule for 2021.

Residents can call 311 with questions about waste collection and dirt removal.

Hygiene department The Department of Sanitation directs all activities related to garbage collection, disposal, recycling and street cleaning, including the registration of new garbage and recycling bins. It is also responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations for the collection and disposal of solid waste for the city of New Orleans.

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