Council November 8 to consider proposal for city office on Highway 99 to hold public hearing on 2022 budget

The proposed neighborhood city office is shown in the black box above. Safeway is to the left of T-Mobile and cannot be seen in the photo. (Images courtesy of the City of Edmonds)

Edmonds City Council, which meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, will consider a proposal from Mayor Mike Nelson to rent 1,309 square feet of office space on Highway 99’s Aurora Marketplace for a neighborhood city office and provide staff for $ 130,396 2022.

Also on Tuesday evening, the council will hold a public hearing and conduct further deliberations on the city budget for 2022.

The location of the proposed Neighborhood City Office is three doors east of the Safeway business at 23632 Highway 99. According to the council’s agenda, the room is currently equipped with an entry lobby / reception area, a large office / conference room, and a second office, a small one Office / meeting area and a rear workstation as well as a bathroom and a rear emergency exit.

A card with the suggested office space, number 2100, shaded orange above.

The room would be staffed four hours a day with a new half-time front desk / administrative position (total cost of $ 30,000 including benefits) to answer city government questions – including those related to permits, parks, and employment. There would also be shelves with information sheets, according to the Council’s agenda. The Edmonds Police Department’s new civic engagement officer would work primarily from this location, and police officers in the Highway 99 area could use office workstations to write reports, access email, take breaks, and meet with members of the public.

In addition, according to the city’s proposal, Edmonds City Court would hold a community court two to four times a month in the larger conference room. An electronic court kiosk would be available in the lobby / reception area for individuals to file documents or access information online. The conference room could also be used for community meetings and staff meetings, the city said.

The monthly rent plus triple the net (common room / maintenance plus property tax plus insurance) would be $ 4,452.78 for a total of $ 53,433.38 per year. Owners have offered up to $ 26,180 to cover the cost of the initial tenant improvements. In addition to the rental terms, the city estimates additional expenses of up to $ 1,500 per month to cover utility, security, IT, depot and other ancillary and maintenance costs

If the lease is signed before the end of 2021, a down payment of the first month’s rent of $ 3,490.67 will be due upon completion of the contract and would be part of a budget change for the fourth quarter of 2021 proposed 2022 budget.

Estimated costs:

items month year
Tenant Improvements (TI) $ 43,000
Equipment, furnishings, equipment $ 12,000
Contribution from the court ($ 10,000)
TI grant for the owner ($ 26,180)
Rent + NNN $ 4,453 $ 53,433
Util / IT / Secret / Cust $ 1,500 $ 18,000
.5 RTD staff $ 30,000
Subtotal $ 101,433
Contingency @ 10% $ 10,143
Total running costs $ 111,576

Total net cost estimate 2022: $ 130,396

Prior to the 6:30 p.m. special session, the council will sit in two of its three committees: Public Safety, Personnel and Planning at 5:00 p.m. and Parks and Public Works at 5:30 p.m. There will be no finance committee meeting this month Committee chair Diane Buckshnis said it was unfortunate as it prevented committee members from discussing more detailed budget background outside of council meetings.

In a Saturday email copied to Edmonds media, Buckshnis accused Council President Susan Paine – who sets the agendas for council meetings – of “marginalizing the Finance Committee” and added that she was disappointed with Paine’s leadership “As you still do not support the finance committee or the expertise of the people you have appointed to this committee.”

Paine emailed Sunday that she hadn’t scheduled a meeting of the finance committee “because our full council meeting is mostly about city finances and budget.”

The council will also hold an executive meeting – closed to the public – starting at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday to discuss tariff strategy.

This meeting is transmitted virtually via the Zoom meeting platform. To view or listen to this Edmonds City Council meeting, paste the following into a web browser using a computer or smartphone:
Or take part by phone: USA: +1 253 215 8782 Webinar ID: 957 9848 4261

You can leave audience comments through a computer or smartphone by raising a virtual hand to be recognized. Those wishing to submit audience comments using the dial-up phone are instructed to press * 9 to raise a hand. When prompted, press * 6 to unmute.

Here you can see the full agenda at 6.30 p.m.

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