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The 40th Prouty raised more than $ 4 million in support of cancer research and helping patients and families at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Dartmouth and Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

This year’s Prouty was a hybrid event, with supporters participating virtually from June 1st to July 11th, and golf, biking and hiking from July 9th to 11th. More than 2,500 participants and volunteers have joined the campaign.

“I’ve never seen anything like The Prouty before I came here as director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center,” said Steven D. Leach, MD, in a press release. “It’s inspiring how our community gets involved and gathers at the cancer center to support cancer research and support services for patients and families.”

“This year’s event and fundraiser were amazing. I was thrilled to ride 100 miles with a dedicated group of cancer center supporters and cancer survivors, ”he said.

The Prouty began in 1982 when four nurses at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, inspired by the courage of their patient Audrey Prouty, decided to cycle 100 miles through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

“Cancer is personal and affects too many people we love. For 40 years, our community has come together to change that and make a difference, ”said Jaclynn Rodriguez, General Manager of the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center. “The Prouty brings hope and care to cancer patients and their families, as well as all future generations.”

According to the press release, virtual participation meant large groups of people creating their own prouty. Across the country, people took part in rowing, hiking, kayaking, gravel riding, and 100-mile bike rides.

Since its inception, The Prouty has raised more than $ 46 million to support cancer research and helping patients and families. To learn more and to sign up, visit www.theprouty.org.

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