Dez Bryant rips apart his fired former Dallas Cowboys coach as “joyless” Jason Garrett


FRISCO – Dez Bryant was once a member of the Leadership Council of then Dallas Cowboys trainer Jason Garrett. ”

But not anymore.

When the New York Giants kicked offensive coordinator Garrett out of their building on Tuesday and fired him after two years of failure, retired Bryant also kicked and tweeted to Giants rookie recipient Kadarius Toney:

“After hearing the news about JG,” wrote Bryant, “you will experience the love and joy for football throughout your career.”

There was once “love and joy” in Dallas. But before Garrett was fired after the 2019 season, Bryant was sacked after eight seasons with the # 88 Cowboys after the 2017 season.

Bryant, then 29, was a three-time pro bowler who had a heavy locker room presence – one of the reasons he was called to the team’s Leadership Council by Garrett’s star began asking other team leaders whether he would keep Bryant should – a move that Bryant understandably considers treason.

In interviews with at the time and since then, Bryant has expressed dissatisfaction with the Garrett Guys attacking him.

Soon after a 30-10 Giants loss to the Bucs on Monday night, Garrett, 55, was relieved of his duties in New York. Bryant obviously doesn’t feel sorry for his old trainer and later tweeted, “Trust me, I’m not the only one feeling the same about him, the difference between me and a lot of people I don’t gloss over … guys sacrifice a lot to be abused . ”

Bryant also insisted that he wasn’t “petty”, adding of Garrett: “Great guy … never respected his philosophy about players and the game.”

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