ESPN predicts the Raiders offensive will take a step backwards in 2021


From 2019 to 2020, the Raiders had one of the best offensive lines in the league. When everyone was healthy it was one of the best five-man units in the league as they didn’t have a hole in the group. But the problem was that the five starters were rarely on the field together.

Because of this, Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden decided to completely rebuild the offensive line this off-season, assuming three expensive starters in Rodney Hudson, Trent Brown and Gabe Jackson. But what can we expect from the new unit this season with two new full-time starters in Andre James in Alex Leatherwood?

In a recent article by ESPN, their analytics department ranked all 32 offensive lines based on projected Pass Block win rates that season. The Raiders ended up in 20th place, ten points behind last season. Here’s what the website had to say about the device:

“The dismantling of the Raiders’ offensive line still seems questionable, and our predictions anticipate a significant step backwards in 2021. Las Vegas finished 10th in the PBWR last season despite receiving just two games from Incognito, who played in 2019 in the PBWR took third place. “

It’s very likely that the Raiders could fall back on offense this season, but the team had to get younger. The hope is that when these five starters play more, they can grow together as a unit. That was just something that couldn’t happen very often during the Trent Brown era.

How the offensive line fares for the Raiders this season will be a great sign of their success or the lack of it. Expect the unit to have some issues but improve as the season progresses. At least that is the hope of the front office and the coaching staff.


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