Financial topics will dominate Google’s top search trends in 2021

In 2021 it was all about one thing: money.

On Wednesday, Google published the top search trends for 2021 in the USA. Top search trends are the most popular searches of the past year, not generally popular topics, that pop up on the search charts year after year.

From the overall most popular searches of the year to more specific questions like “how to pronounce something”, people had a lot of questions on topics related to money. This included research on cryptocurrencies, meme stocks, stimulus checks, lottery and of course Squid game – the blockbuster Netflix series on wealth inequality and debt.

Top trending searches

  1. NBA

  2. DMX

  3. Gabby Petito

  4. Kyle Rittenhouse

  5. Brian Laundry

  6. Mega Millions

  7. AMC share

  8. Stimulus checking

  9. Georgia Senate Race

  10. Squid game

Users turned to Google for information. to obtain Stimulus checks, where this term appears in the top ten lists for general searches, news searches, and updates. In the “How to be” category, “How to be eligible for stimulus checks” was the most popular query. “How to be happy with yourself” came in eighth.

That there would be a high level of interest in free money makes a lot of sense. But less easy ways to get paid also dominated our Google searches.

Several top searches across different categories were for viral cryptocurrencies and meme stocks. For example, “AMC Stock” ranked the sixth most popular search in 2021. It was also the second most popular news search after searches for Mega Millions. GME (the stock ticker for GameStop) took fourth place in this category.

Top trending searches for “news”

  1. Mega Millions

  2. AMC share

  3. Stimulus checking

  4. Georgia Senate Race

  5. GME

  6. Dogecoin

  7. Hurricane Ida

  8. Kyle Rittenhouse ruling

  9. Afghanistan

  10. Ethereum price

These stats mean people turned to Google to understand why seemingly random stocks went through the roof. You may have discovered the subreddit’s breathtaking influence r / wallstreetbets on the global stock market. Do you remember January 2021 when Robinhood dealers decided to Take over hedge funds? Good times!

Cryptocurrency queries made up half of the top ten searches for “Where to buy”.

Cryptocurrency queries made up half of the top ten searches for “Where to buy”. “Dogecoin” was the most popular search for this category as well as the “How to pronounce” category. You probably can thank you Elon Musk for the popularity of the cryptocurrency, which started as a joke as the billionaire boosted it on Twitter all year round. “Where to buy NFTs“Also placed high up.

Top Trending Searches For “Where To Buy”

  1. Dogecoin *

  2. Shiba coin *

  3. PS5

  4. Safemoon *

  5. N95 mask

  6. XRP *

  7. NFT

  8. Baby doge *

  9. Xbox Series X

  10. Squishmallows

(* Indicates a cryptocurrency-related topic).

The proliferation of these digital financial topics jumping from the headlines to the public search bars didn’t come as a surprise to Nate Bengali, a financial advisor for the financial services firm Personal capital. Bengali said this reflects the questions its customers have been asking throughout the year: questions about whether people should buy GameStop or have cryptocurrency investments in their portfolios.

“There was a lot of confusion as to why there were all these huge profits because people were just making so much money off of it,” Bengali said. “The fear of missing out on something has taken over the way people think.”

The search data also represents a shift in the prevalence and accessibility of personal finances, and particularly the stock market. Thanks to services such as Robinhood, so-called “retail investors” more active and powerful than ever. Sources of information like Google have become important focal points for financial matters, although more traditional human advisors used to play this role.

“It’s just become more mainstream to talk about really anything about investing,” said Bengali.

The background to this research is the precarious and changing state of American wealth. During the fortune of billionaires like Dogecoin-loving Elon Musk blown up, as well as headlines about DIY investors making millions overnight. While unemployment peaked in mid-2020, it was in 2021 Big resignationwhere many people have decided that it is not worth returning to unsatisfactory, poorly paying jobs.

Top trending searches for “How to be”

  1. How to qualify for the stimulus check

  2. This will make you more attractive

  3. Be happy alone

  4. How to be a bad guy

  5. How to be a good friend

  6. How to be a good kisser

  7. How to become a flight attendant

  8. How to be happy with yourself

  9. How to be mindful

  10. How to be romantic

Trending financial searches may reflect curiosity about how people might get into the recent boom when traditional work became increasingly insignificant, especially when compared to the skyrocketing wealth of billionaires.

Unfortunately, where there is a boom, there is also a bankruptcy. So maybe do more than a few googles before you bet everything on Dogecoin folks.

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