Galliford Try and Henry Boot aim to achieve net zero carbon by 2030

Galliford Try and Henry Boot are the latest construction companies to set formal targets for achieving net zero greenhouse emissions in their own direct operations by 2030.

In addition, Galliford Try has committed to net zero for all of its activities by 2045 at the latest. The company said it had already reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1, 2 and directly around Scope 3 by 62 percent between 2012 and 2020.

Scope 1 refers to direct emissions from the use of fossil fuels, including vehicles, and the release or leakage of greenhouse gases such as refrigerants; Area of ​​application 2 refers to purchased electricity or district heating; and Scope 3 covers everything else that arises from a company’s activities, including business travel, commuting, and the embedded emissions of goods and services provided by its supply chain.

Galliford Try said it has already switched to renewable energy for its permanent offices and has switched 36 percent of its vehicle fleet to battery or plug-in hybrid vehicles. It said it was in the process of switching to electrical and alternatively powered systems and had given priority to grid connections at the project sites in order to minimize reliance on diesel generators.

Bill Hocking, CEO of Galliford Try, said, “We are well advanced on our carbon journey and are working with customers and suppliers to achieve net zero carbon ahead of the UK target date.” He added that an early one Focus on optimizing operational and embedded carbon in the company’s education sector projects has helped the company transfer knowledge to other sectors.

Henry Boot sets CO2 reduction targets

Separately, Henry Boot said it started reducing emissions in 2013 but “recognizes the importance of accelerated action” and set up a team last year to create a net-zero carbon framework to guide its future progress to steer. The framework aims at net zero emissions of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030 and also aims to “improve the understanding” of how the company can reduce its indirect emissions, with emissions of 2019 will serve as the basis.

The first phase of the program through 2025 will focus on testing and reducing direct emissions. Henry Boot said it would switch to biodiesel before moving to “sustainable” trucks and generators, introduce flexible work policies to reduce business travel by 20 percent, and begin replacing its cars and vans to achieve a fully electric fleet up to 2030.

She added that after 2030 she plans to offset unavoidable emissions through approved compensation schemes.

Tim Roberts, Henry Boot’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “All of my instincts tell me that by doing the right thing and acting responsibly towards our stakeholders, we create long-term value in business and, of course, help create a better planet . “.”

Construction decarbonization plans

In April of this year, Laing O’Rourke announced a goal for all direct operation of CO2 by 2030, operation by 2030

Yesterday the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) listed a dozen organizations that support their own CO2nstructZero program for CO2 reduction and that have agreed to become role models – or “Business Champions” – for the decarbonization of the industry.

The 12 organizations named are the contractors Costain, Imtech, and Knights Brown; Consultants to Adair, Atkins, Cast, and Faithful + Gould; Suppliers CEF, Ibstock, Peak and Wavin; and professional association of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

CLC Co-Chair Andy Mitchell said, “We all know that combating carbon will be the greatest challenge facing our industry in the next decade. In order to advance as an industry, we have to learn from the pioneers. “

Working together for a carbon-free industry

Decarbonising building is a virtual event by Construction news will take place on 21.-22. July 2021.

The conference is an opportunity to learn how net zero targets will affect your role in the short to long term. You will receive innovative ideas from across the industry that will help you reduce CO2 in the way you design, build and maintain facilities today.

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