Governor Wolf signs bills to protect public health measures

Today, Governor Tom Wolf signed the House Bill 1774, House Bill 1861 and House 184.

House bill 1774 amends Actieving Better Care by Monitoring All Prescriptions Program (ABC-MAP) Act to allow additional personnel to access information about Pennsylvania’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. After the Opioid Disaster Statement expires in August, this bill will allow the Commonwealth of Nations to share vital information that will help the Commonwealth further reduce the number of Pennsylvanian overdose deaths. This is an important step in our efforts to reduce the prevalence of substance use disorders, increase treatment options, and help Pennsylvanians maintain the resources they need to recover.

House bill 1861 amends the Administrative Act of 1929 to provide temporary regulatory flexibility. The bill temporarily extends certain suspensions of regulations and statutes issued by the authorities as part of the COVID-19 disaster declaration by March 31, 2022. The continued suspension of these regulations and bylaws enables the Commonwealth to mobilize all necessary resources to fight COVID-19 and help Pennsylvania get back on track from the pandemic.

“I would like to thank the members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly for responding to my call to expand the exchange of information under the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and to extend the suspension of regulations and statutes originally under the COVID-19 Disaster Statement were suspended, ”said Governor Wolf. “These are important changes that will help us continue our work to protect public health in Pennsylvania. With the expiration of the Opioid Epidemic and COVID-19 Pandemic Disaster Statements, I am delighted that we have been able to come together to pursue these important public health measures on behalf of the Pennsylvanians. “

House bill 184, also known as Shawn’s Law, amends titles 18 (Crimes and Delikts) and 42 (Justice and Judicial Procedure) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to increase a penalty for causing or aiding in suicide if the victim is under the age of 18 , has an intellectual disability, or has an autism spectrum disorder.

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