Hana Mohan: A company that focuses on diversity

Ladder work is a publishing platform for various picture books and online curricula with the aim of empowering over a million children to become social entrepreneurs. Our current series features interviews by our interplanetary journalist Spiffy with inspiring social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship ecosystem builders who advance the UN SDGs.

Hello! It’s me, Spiffy, the interplanetary journalist who reports from planet Earth with the latest insights into entrepreneurs making a difference in gender equality and in the workplace! I’m in Barcelona, ​​Spain to meet today’s rock star Hana Mohan, Co-Founder and CEO of MagicBell. Are you ready to be inspired?

Fancy: Welcome, Hana, nice to meet you. Let’s get in right away! Can you tell me something about the challenge you are tackling with your startup MagicBell?

Hana: Thank you for this opportunity, Spiffy. Product teams typically rely on email notifications or build a system from scratch when building engagement and loyalty in their products. These scenarios are either time consuming or removed from the core of the product itself. MagicBell provides teams with a well-designed notification inbox that can be embedded in a product within an hour.

Fancy: It’s pretty quick, right? What made you decide to start MagicBell?

Hana: Josue Montano and I founded MagicBell in late 2020 and it’s the result of our collaboration at SupportBee. The team spent months building notifications into the product and were surprised at the lack of options in this area. All we found was low-level APIs for sending emails or push notifications, but nothing like MagicBell, which brings the entire notification experience together in one well-packaged solution. So we decided to found a new company to face this particular challenge. MagicBell is a post-pandemic company formed during a lockdown and the team is hiring remote workers for all roles.

Fancy: I understand that you are a company that strives to create a fairer work environment and world. How you do that?

Hana: Well, Spiffy, we’re a company that embraces diversity – one of us is a transgender woman and another is a Latino (hola!). We have been working remotely for a decade and we know how to work asynchronously across time zones. Our environment is not perfect, but we strive to create a positive workplace that we want to be a part of every day.

Fancy: Have you ever experienced failure and not given up? What did you learn?

Hana: In 2016, I switched while managing my company. It was a difficult process that I wrote extensively about and was interviewed about it as well. I invite you to read more on this!

Fancy: Well, Hana, I think others will be inspired by your story. Thank you for sharing your entrepreneurship experience with me and our wonderful readers! It was an honor for me!

Hana Mohan is the co-founder and CEO of MagicBell. She is a proud transgender woman who is passionate about empowering women and other minorities. Hana lives with her two cats in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (First published on Ladderworks website June 18, 2021.)

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