Inconsistent communications and uncertainty are worrying families of soldiers at Fort Bragg stationed near Ukraine

FORT BRAGG, NC (WTVD) – Concern is mounting as the war in Ukraine continues to rage. For Fort Bragg families with their loved ones on the ground, there is great uncertainty as to how long they will remain there.

“The type of event we’re dealing with right now is like nothing we’ve dealt with before,” said Army Wife Emily Damboise.

In her 17-year marriage to a soldier, she has had several deployments. She stayed at home and finds ways to keep her worries at bay while raising her children.

There are now fears of a continued brutal Russian attack on Ukraine.

Damboise said you don’t always know what’s going on over there.

“For some families, communication is broken. They don’t have electronic devices, so not hearing from them can increase that stress level,” Damboise said.

Another question looming is how quickly the 82nd Airborne troops will return home.

“We start to get into a mind trap and we might squirm a little and that can affect our sanity. If you don’t have children, you may feel isolated. And when you have kids, you have to deal with that, the stress of taking care of them, and they go through different ways of dealing with it,” Damboise said.

April is designated as Military Child Month.

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic is a one-stop shop for families seeking professional help.

The nonprofit says as the conflict in Ukraine unfolds, disturbing images and disturbing stories can really affect children.

Military families are encouraged to be mindful of behavior changes, create grounding or calming environments, and not dismiss their child’s fears or concerns.

Damboise said support groups within her husband’s brigade are helping her through this difficult time.

“Their fears and concerns, as well as their feelings and emotions are validated, but we are here to help them deal with them. We are a resource to a rescue,” Damboise said.

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