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For over a year, patients Covid-19 didn’t have to worry about co-payments and deductibles after insurance companies waived fees in the middle of the public health crisis the nation and the world face each other. Now insurers say they are restarting charges for people who contract the virus.

According to The Washington Post, from this year, insurance companies slowly began to reinstate hospital stay costs for people with Covid-19. In some cases, fees have dropped from their insurers even before vaccines against the virus were widely available.

“Cost-sharing waivers were only part of our overall response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” United Healthcare spokesperson Tracey Lempner wrote in a statement emailed to the media. “We have focused our efforts on helping our members gain access to tests, vaccines and treatments related to Covid-19, while providing additional support to our customers, healthcare providers and local communities. ”

Insurance companies continue to exempt costs associated with vaccines and tests according to federal government requirements in a pandemic. Residents of Vermont and New Mexico will have their Covid-19 treatment fully covered, according to their state’s laws.

The news of the restored costs comes amid a outbreak of new cases of Covid-19, and as insurance annual corporate profits stabilized or increased in 2020.

The post office reported that many companies in the Medicare industry remained strong or grew last year, largely because insurers made fewer payments for elective procedures which have been suspended by many hospitals across the country amid the pandemic.

A investigation conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that more and more people are struggling with the financial burden of Covid-19 treatment.

A health insurance lobby group said the decision to reinstate fees for Covid-19 treatment came after vaccines became more widely available and acknowledging that Covid-19 will be an ongoing challenge.

“After a year and a half, it’s pretty clear that covid is here to stay, that it’s a persistent health problem,” David Allen, spokesperson for America’s Health Insurance Plans, an industry lobby group, said The post office. “Regarding the treatment, we think of it as if we were treating any other health problem.”


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