Insurance reform group backs six bills tabled this legislative session

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KPLC) – It’s a persistent problem: People are still waiting for insurance to pay enough to rebuild their homes from hurricanes and winter storms.

“My insurance company wouldn’t do the roof. They only sent money for about half of the roof, ”said Dana Frye, who ultimately received a donated roof.

An insurance reform group called Real Reform Louisiana supports several invoices supporters say it will help consumers in future hurricanes as they try to recover.

Real Reform spokesman Eric Holl said hurricane survivors were in what they call “insurance purgatory.”

“Insurance purgatory is what we call these endless delays, this flood of adjusters,” Holl said.

Holl says they are promoting six bills that they believe will help consumers. He says one would help prevent companies from sending one adjuster after another.

“Bill 469 specifically addresses this by telling insurance companies that after three adjusters they must get permission from the policyholder to send a new adjuster,” Holl said. “These insurance companies are using this constant turnover of new adjusters as a way of exhausting and frustrating people and delaying and delaying and delaying the settlement of the claim or paying the claim in the hope. that people will become desperate and give up and take less money. than what is owed to them.

Holl says they are also working for tougher penalties against companies that break the rules or fail to negotiate in good faith.

“If they start to realize that there will be consequences for the way they treat people right now, that the legislation will be changed, that the rules will be tightened, I think that will give them an incentive, hopefully. , starting to clean up their act and realize that they’ve ‘I pushed people too far.

The bills will first be heard by the legislative insurance committees to decide whether they will move forward in the process of becoming law.

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