Ivette González Petkovich – Candidate for Doral City Council, Seat 2

Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich

Campaign website: www.ivettefordoral.com

Current occupation: Law Firm Petkovich PA

Political experience:

  • Vice-Chair of the Doral Committee on the Status of Women
  • Doral’s Citizen’s Audit Advisory: Examined the city’s budget to ensure efficiency in managing our taxpayers’ money.
  • President, Doral Community Coalition
  • Miami Dade Assistant State Attorney: Prosecuted as an officer in thousands of criminal cases.

What is the city’s most pressing problem and how would you propose to deal with it?

The incinerator is a constant threat to our quality of life, property values ​​and health. The facility must be shut down, and the county commission recently voted to replace it with a new facility across the street. Doral MUST have his chance to be heard. Miami-Dade has other options, including locations in industrial areas with minimal residential housing nearby. If, despite our best efforts, the county still insists on building the new facility here, we must demand compliance with strict air standards to avoid increasing toxic and harmful emissions — a problem that has been compounded as the current facility has aged.

How will you deal with the population growth in our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

Our population is growing because our town is thriving, and people are moving here for all the benefits Doral has to offer. We cannot accommodate unlimited growth, but it is important not to lose sight of the fact that our city is maturing and offering a quality of life unavailable in other parts of Miami-Dade. In order to secure Doral’s future and maintain our quality of life, we must remain aware of how this continued growth could impact the quality of life at Doral. We must preserve our green spaces, take every opportunity to reduce traffic and work with our police to fight crime.

Do you think the city should increase its police force?

In general, both property crime and violent crime will increase in 2022. Doral is not immune to these trends – particularly in our economies. My first instinct, however, is how we can better manage what we already have within our budget and resources, rather than increasing the burden on taxpayers. Before I decide to increase our force, I’d like to explore options like targeted enforcement, better coordination with security in our gated communities, and public security cameras to monitor commercial areas overnight.

A personal message to voters:

I am a wife and mother, attorney and community leader who represents experienced and authentic leadership. Born in Miami and living in Doral before it was a city, I have a keen understanding of the needs of residents and our business community. As a homeowner raising my family here, I want to ensure Doral continues to thrive so our children can be as proud of living here as we are. I will never stop fighting for what matters most to you. Most importantly, I know that Doral’s success is largely due to Mayor JC Bermudez’s leadership. I intend to continue his legacy.

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