Katten receives Mansfield Certification Plus status

“With greater diversity, equity and inclusion among Katten’s core values, we are honored to be recognized as a Mansfield Certified Plus Company. This award is a great achievement and an important benchmark for showing how much progress we have made in the firm and in the industry as a whole, “said Katten Chief Diversity Partner Leslie Minier. “At Katten, we welcome the rich diversity of our colleagues and value their life experiences, knowledge and insights that improve our customer service.”

The Mansfield Rule is a winning idea of ​​the Diversity Lab’s Women in Law Hackathon, which aims to strengthen the representation of historically underrepresented attorneys in the ranks of law firms.

As part of the program, law firms are measured by whether they have considered at least 30 percent women, colored lawyers, LGBTQ + lawyers, and attorneys with disabilities for leadership and governance positions, associate promotions, formal client meetings, and career changers at the highest level.

Katten’s Mansfield Certification Plus status demonstrates that the firm has not only met or exceeded basic certification requirements, but has also successfully achieved under-represented attorney representation of at least 30 percent in a remarkable number of its current leadership roles.

“We pride ourselves on having diverse professionals at all levels, from the Board of Directors and Compensation Committee to managing partners and practice group leaders,” said Katten’s Chief Talent Officer Melanie Priddy. “At Katten, we understand the importance of helping a diverse range of attorneys overcome barriers to career advancement. To that end, the firm has provided engaging and effective professional development opportunities to support all attorneys and achieve their full potential.”

Katten recently launched a pilot sponsorship program called Kattalyst, which focuses on retaining and nurturing underrepresented high potential attorneys by providing training and coaching opportunities to improve their leadership and business development skills. The protégés are paired with high-ranking partners as sponsors who use their insights and business relationships to open more doors for opportunities.

This spring, the firm started a two-part virtual diversity series that was offered to various lawyers and summer partners. The series is designed to provide guidance on how to attract and maintain the attention of senior executives, how to address diversity and inclusion best practices, and what corporate clients expect from law firms.

In addition, Katten works regularly with the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and takes part in the Fellows and Pathfinder training programs.

Katten is also participating in the Mansfield Rule 5.0 certification process, which is now engaging law firms to track their candidate pools for nominations for a legal ranking guide and for C-level or other senior positions in the business arena.

Katten is a full service law firm with nearly 650 lawyers in locations across the world The United States and in London and Shanghai. Clients looking for sophisticated, high-quality legal services turn to Katten for local, national and international advice. The firm’s core areas of practice include corporate law, financial markets and funds, bankruptcy and restructuring, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, structured finance and securitization, transaction tax planning, personal loans and personal wealth. Katten represents public and private companies in a wide variety of industries, as well as a range of government and nonprofit organizations and individuals. For more information, visit katzen.com.


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