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JONESBORO – Camp Alliance, which helps military personnel, their families and veterans find and use resources, opened a kiosk at the Harps Foods Store on Highland Drive and Harrisburg Road on Wednesday allowing these individuals to log in to to find local resources.

Camp Alliance, a nonprofit organization based in northwest Arkansas, began installing kiosks across the state in the spring, said Laura Hopkins, a Camp Alliance spokeswoman, on Thursday.

“We’re down to 25-30 kiosks now,” she said. “We had about 6,000 users with 70 percent repeat users.”

People can get on their computers at the kiosk and are asked a range of questions, including their own zip code, which allows the program to allocate resources through local facilities, Hopkins said.

According to Camp Connect, which is owned by Camp Alliance, there are four categories:

Careers and education that includes jobs, agriculture, certificates, entrepreneurs, training, and the military.

Health and wellness, which includes physical, mental, insurance, dental vision, support groups, and benefits.

Child and Family, which includes childcare, after-school activities, camps, scholarships, assignments / transitions, and family extras.

Service and assistance which includes deer / ID cards, housing, financial, discharge certificates and survivor benefits.

Camp Alliance received grants from the Cares Act in December 2020 to start the kiosk program, Hopkins said.

Nicholas Bertucci, a senior duty officer for Districts 5 and 7 in Arkansas, which includes 13 districts, called the Camp Alliance program “a game changer for many people.”

“In my experience, an eye-catcher,” says Bertucci of the kiosk. “It’s so simple, it’s so easy to use.

“It integrates national resources. The postcode indicates the specific place. “

Bertucci said he asked the Camp Alliance coordinator to add State Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Affairs officers to the resources section, and he said she agreed.

“I support them 100 percent,” said Bertucci. “A lot of these people don’t know where to find these resources.”

Bertucci attended the installation on Wednesday with Jonesboro Mayor Harold Copenhaver and representatives from the 1991 Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Jonesboro.

“I would like to thank the veterans in our community for Harps’ partnership with the VFW,” said Copenhaver. “We still need all of the Community Veterans service partners to provide the information so that everything is as good as possible.”

Justin Gonzales, Harps’ deputy manager, said he believed people will be using the kiosk soon.

“It’s in a nice spot at the very front,” he said. “You can’t miss it.”

According to their website, Camp Alliance Inc. was founded in 2010 with the aim of serving the United States Armed Forces to complement the Department of Defense military unit and family response programs.

Camp Alliance accomplishes its mission by working with government agencies, government officials and the local community.

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