LA City Council Renews Migrant Youth Services Pilot Program – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to renew a pilot program to provide case management and home navigation services to unaccompanied and homeless immigrants between the ages of 16 and 24.

“Los Angeles is home to the greatest concentrations of Central Americans from outside their respective countries, including many who live in my district,” said Councilor Mitch O’Farrell, who introduced the motion.

“Since taking office, I have traveled to the US border and seen firsthand the plight of unaccompanied young migrants who are homeless and needy,” he said. “I am delighted with the unanimous support of my colleagues in the further development of this important program.”

The city’s unaccompanied minor pilot program, which began in 2020 and is managed by the Salvadoran Education and Leadership Fund, aims to prevent transition age teenagers from becoming homeless when they arrive in Los Angeles from Central America.

The application notes that 90% of arriving unaccompanied minors have people to contact, including family members or close friends.

Los Angeles City Council voted to sign a new $ 100,000 12 month deal with SALEF. The council also voted for the Chief Legislative Analyst and other city departments to report on the status of the current contract and the possibility of including a similar contract in the new immigration utility being developed by the Los Angeles Justice Fund to provide legal assistance to undocumented immigrants.

“Unaccompanied young migrants are a particularly vulnerable group of the population. We are grateful to Councilor O’Farrell for his guidance and proud to work with the city to provide direct assistance to those who need it most, ”said SALEF executive director Jocelyn Duarte, who said the nonprofit“ works day and night Night to give a voice, create justice and provide resources for communities in need ”.

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