Letter to the editor: CMP electricity corridor could pose a fire hazard


We saw the devastating forest fires in Northern California that claimed lives, houses, and huge acres of forest. These were mainly caused by power line disturbances.

Pacific Gas and Electric’s power lines set off the fatal fire in Paradise, California, in 2018. The company pleaded guilty to 85 deaths and the destruction of a city. With the Dixie Forest Fire raging on, Central Maine Power’s proposal to build high voltage power lines through the Maine Forests seems extremely questionable – if not insane. In 2019, the Maine State Federation of Firefighters expressed concern about the corridor. A recent letter from Senator Scott Cyrway to the editor also warned of the dangers, citing a Memorial Day forest fire in Concord Township along a clear cut for the CMP corridor.

We are victims of our own folly; Man-made global warming is imminent. The UN has rated our situation as a “Code Red for Humanity”, a global crisis point. Our ruthless destruction of nature must stop. Forests are important for storing carbon, providing oxygen, cooling the earth and protecting wildlife. We have to protect them and stop taking such great risks with nature. Maine’s forests, one of the last great areas in the United States, could easily become a fire hazard; All it takes is a few dry years. Incredibly, however, CMP intends to pull 1200 megawatt lines through this vast forest area. Certainly, the unacceptable fire risks to Maine’s forests outweigh any benefits of the CMP corridor.

Let’s take a lesson from California. A Dixie fire must never happen here.

Rachel Burger
Southern portland

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