Letter to the editor: You are not alone and there is help out there

I am writing this more to share experiences on a regular topic in my life and the lives of others: Mental Health and its Link to Substance Abuse.
As a person with a history of alcohol abuse, I have noticed that there seems to be little to no consideration of what people like me have experienced and how those experiences affect us and how we deal with them. On my recovery path, I’ve learned a lot about how people in my life, especially certain members of my family, have had a significant impact on how I’ve dealt with traumatic experiences in the past and how this, in turn, has affected my overall mental health and health Wellbeing.
We all suffer from trauma and it affects everyone differently, but there are large numbers of people who have turned to drugs and alcohol to drown out their memories or to numb themselves to the world around them (me included) , often leading to the destruction of himself.
I learned the importance of having a support system and how difficult it can be to find and maintain one. I say this simply because so many relationships have been ruined, because we are often caught in this vicious cycle of low self-esteem or self-loathing and hopelessness that we seek an escape that only becomes more difficult when it reinforces those feelings and like ours Tolerances for our choice substance is getting bigger and requires more to achieve the desired effect.
It’s never easy to admit an addiction or face your own demons, but facing the challenge of facing the person in the mirror, seeking support, is a liberating feeling. Finding support groups, family, and friends to encourage you and engage in healthy coping mechanisms has changed my life for the better. And for those who may be in trouble now, you are not alone and help is available.
Every day more resources become available and I encourage everyone out there who strives to take a chance to find the support they need and deserve to achieve full happiness and fulfillment in life.
Jyles Wirta,
Brush prairie

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