Midland Breast Cancer Survivors in Support Groups: “I don’t know what I would have done without them”

Janey Lasley was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 19, 2016. She has been cancer-free since March 2017.

MIDLAND, Texas – Janey Lasley loves volunteering at Hope House.

She makes sandwiches for the cancer patients who are going through chemo and radiation like she once did.

“Actually five years ago, on October 19th, I was diagnosed with cancer and it was a terrifying diagnosis, if you can imagine, but I had the best team in the world. I had to do every aspect of everything, go through what I had to go through. (I) had to learn a whole new language of medical terms that I never thought I’d learn or want to learn, “said Janey Lasley, breast cancer survivor.

Lasley says giving back is so important to her. She wants to keep paying because she says she doesn’t know what she would have done without the support she had.

“It’s a diagnosis that nobody wants to get and you’re scared and if you have a family or maybe a religious group that’s great, but as part of a group that has already been through it, I don’t know you’re much better Could get some support, “said Lasley.

Hope House and the boys and the breastless were safe havens for them.

“We can sympathize, we can empathize, we don’t tell anyone what to do, we pass on our experience,” said Lasley.

Not only did these organizations help her, but so did her family and the Midland medical staff who looked after her.

“You could text her day and night and she was right there, she was right there to answer any questions. Dr. Chae, I love Dr. Chae. I think I was one of his first patients because he was whole was new, “said Lasley.

Today Janey walks calmly knowing that her support systems have held up and five years ago she was told no more cancer.

“Oh god, it’s indescribable. For one thing, you’re excited to be done with the procedures and for another, it’s like a load has been lifted. It’s just that God is good and he’s been with every step of the way me and it was just a big sigh of relief, “said Lasley.

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