Mountaire supports the Selbyville Library Construction Fund

The Selbyville Public Library’s Board of Commissioners announced that Mountaire Farms has made its first major financial commitment for the new library construction project.

To meet the educational and cultural needs of the growing community, the board hired the Becker Morgan Group to design a state-of-the-art library that would accommodate expanded collections and programs, private study spaces, public meeting areas, and more. The new library will preserve the living history of the existing location and ensure a warm and welcoming environment to enhance the educational and recreational experiences of customers and community members. It will be a place that serves as a community meeting place, a central hangout, and a place that will provide information, resources, and fun to the library district’s children and adults for years to come.

The board of directors intends to use the adjacent property already owned by the library for the new building, to separate the existing building from the library use and to preserve the historical part.

The board of directors anticipates the start of construction on the new library building in 2023, with the expected opening date in 2024.

“The Selbyville Library is an important resource for the families of Selbyville and the surrounding communities. We recognize the role the library plays in education, youth programs, and mentoring services for children in Sussex County. Mountaire Farms is excited to invest in this expansion project, knowing that it provides a much-needed educational tool that will make an impact for generations to come, ”said Zach Evans, Community Relations Manager at Mountaire Farms.

For more information on plans for the new Selbyville Public Library or to participate in the building campaign, please visit

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