Northern Panhandle Walk to End Alzheimer’s Set on September 26th at the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia | WV news

WHEELING, W.Va. (WV News) – The Oglebay Resort in Wheeling will be the location of this year’s Northern Panhandle Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Sunday as the walk returns for a face-to-face event.

Multi-colored flowers, each representing a person’s connection to Alzheimer’s disease, will be seen in the park as participants unite in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, which affects more than 6 million Americans of all ages. Individuals also have an opportunity to walk around their neighborhood to support the cause.

The Northern Panhandle Walk, which attracts individuals from Ohio, Boone, Hancock, and Marshall counties, raises funds for Alzheimer’s research and enables the Alzheimer’s Association West Virginia Chapter to provide free care and support services to local families. This year’s goal is to raise $ 45,500. The Oglebay Resort is located at 465 Lodge Drive.

While walking, attendees will find a layout that allows for physical distancing, hand sanitizing stations, contactless registration, and more, said Sharon Covert, executive director of the West Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. In accordance with CDC guidelines for overcrowded outdoor areas, the association urges all Walk participants to vaccinate against COVID-19 or wear a mask in a crowded area. Masks will be available on site.

“I can’t express how excited we are to be taking our walks in person this fall. There will be some changes to protect the health and safety of participants, staff and volunteers so we can ensure that all participants are safe and comfortable, ”said Covert.

This year’s chair is Melissa Evick, whose mother died of Alzheimer’s. Evick said she was leaving because “I lost my mother in 2002, she had Alzheimer’s disease. It was then that I tried to understand the disease that had stolen memories of what made my mother my mother. It was terrifying. Today I know that I can achieve more with the Alzheimer Walk. I go for my mother, I go for my family, friends, our customers, their families, and anyone who has lost or lost a loved one. For anyone who knows how heartbreaking it is to look someone you love in the eyes and not get to know them, see them disappear until they can no longer speak or move. I’m going for a cure in my lifetime. “

The Promise Garden Ceremony begins at 2:00 p.m. and the walk begins at 2:15 p.m. To register for the Walk, go to

If individuals choose to walk from home, they can still participate in many walk-day experiences through the Walk to End Alzheimer’s mobile app. “Walk to End Alzheimer’s events are the lifeblood of the Alzheimer’s Association,” said Covert. “These walks represent a central place where people can learn about our care and support programs, our lobbying work, share their experiences and recognize that others are navigating.” This journey, “she said.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive fatal brain disease that kills nerve cells and tissues in the brain and affects an individual’s ability to remember, think, and plan. During the pandemic, the Alzheimer’s Association continued to offer educational programs, personalized care counseling, and support groups to families affected by the disease.

West Virginia has 39,000 people living with the disease and an estimated 85,000 caregivers. Individuals can contact the Alzheimer’s Association through their 24/7 hotline at 800-272-3900.

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