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MENOMINEE – Menominee County Attorney Jeffrey T. Rogg, along with the Menominee County Sheriff’s Department, Menominee City Police Department, Michigan State Police Department, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and the Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center, have worked with Menominee County’s multidisciplinary team protocol signs the investigation into sexual assault and physical abuse of children in Menominee County.

Rogg said, “Through this collaboration in our community, our goal is to first consider what is best for the child, while respecting and ensuring the rights of the accused and offering a child-centered, best-practice and evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach Approach to Child Abuse Investigation in Menominee District. It is up to each of our agencies to reduce the trauma and negative psychological consequences for the victims of child abuse by providing child-appropriate facilities and responses and providing continuous support to the victims and their families. “

This protocol is designed to reflect the multidisciplinary team’s best practices in investigating child abuse, as defined by the Governor’s Task Force on Children’s Justice and the Department of Human Services’ Forensic Interviewing Protocol. The intent of the protocol is to define guidelines that will govern reliable, effective processes that serve the best interests of the children and families of Menominee County.

The purpose of a multidisciplinary team response is to ensure that those providing services related to child abuse cases are able to carry out their work in a collaborative, coordinated manner that maximizes positive outcomes for the child while maintaining accountability and equity promotes.

Kelly Chandler, Program Director, Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center, said, “We are proud to work with our partners in Menominee County and we continue to work to ensure that all children and families in the community have the support and tools to do so to heal from trauma. “

The Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center is a 501c3 nonprofit, community-based organization that provides comfort, hope, and healing to children and families affected by sexual assault or physical abuse. The center, the first associate development member of the National Children’s Alliance on the Upper Peninsula, works with law enforcement, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, prosecutors, mental health clinicians, and medical providers to investigate and treat cases involving children to coordinate.

The center offers forensic interviews, family advocacy, crisis management, peer-to-peer support groups, court counseling, and referrals to medical and psychiatric services. It also provides free services to families in Alger, Delta, Menominee, and Schoolcraft counties, as well as other communities in the Upper Peninsula that do not receive services from a child care center.

To learn more about the work the Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center is providing the community, people can visit


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