Resources for non-chemical weed control


Resources for non-chemical weed control

Tim Hammerich
News reporter

At California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

Yesterday we reported on the free downloadable manual and online interactive tool called WeedCUT, recently developed by the California Invasive Plant Council and the UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program. These tools are designed to provide land managers with herbicide-free weed control information. I asked Jutta Burger, director of the California Invasive Plant Council’s science program, what kinds of information managers will find in these resources.

Burger … “I think we have 21 different techniques that we cover in addition to several biological control techniques that we described in our online tool and in our manual.”

Burger says the 20+ tools and techniques aren’t all new, but it’s information that has never been comprehensively compiled in this way.

Burger… “This includes things like just manual control, weeding, using tools to weed. So the concept behind this is to get the entire root out. Then they include things like flames. Flame is not used very often by humans, but it is a very effective tool for seedlings. How to use it When do you use it What are the risks involved? Grazing, burning, stump grinding, belts, whatever! You know, we have it in this control tool. “

You can download the free manual or use the WeedCUT online tool on the UCANR website.


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