‘RHOSLC’: Did Mary Cosby and Cameron Williams have an affair? Whitney Rose drops a SHOCKING clue

If Mary Cosby thought that not attending the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” reunion would keep the other housewives from gossiping and speculating about her life, then she couldn’t be more wrong. Ever since Mary joined the Bravo reality show, her marriage to step-grandfather Robert Cosby Sr. and her flamboyant lifestyle have garnered a lot of attention.

When the show returned for Season 2, fans’ fascination and fascination with Mary’s lifestyle was further sparked when rumors that she led a cult circulated among the ladies. It all started when Lisa Barlow’s boyfriend Cameron Williams warned Meredith Marks to beware of Mary. While he didn’t go into detail with Meredith, he did reveal a lot of damaging information about Mary and her church to Whitney Rose and Lisa. He confided in Lisa that he had mortgaged his house and given the money to Mary under pressure from Robert Sr. and Mary’s demands.


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RHOSLC star Whitney Rose (Bravo)

But that wasn’t the only secret he kept about Mary. When the topic of Mary leading a cult came up during the reunion, the ladies started discussing it again. This time, Whitney revealed that Cameron had told her he was very close with Mary before leaving her church. Reunion host Andy Cohen asked Whitney to elaborate on the close relationship and wondered if the duo were having an affair.

Whitney clarified that while Cameron did not mention anything about the affair, she believed Mary was having an affair with him. Whitney wouldn’t be the only one suspecting an affair between Mary and Cameron, as a man named Dan C. revealed some sordid details about Mary and Cameron’s relationship in an interview with Screen Rant. He claimed that Cameron was originally dating his daughter and that they would go to Mary and Robert Sr. for counseling. “During this time, Mary and Bishop counseled the two and came up with reasons why they shouldn’t be together,” Dan shared on the Sharell’s World podcast. “Mary would actually say to my daughter, ‘Why don’t you bring Cameron? I feel for you. I think you’re jealous. You don’t want him around.’ Dan claimed that his daughter and Cameron split at the request of Mary and Robert Sr. After their split, Mary allegedly went to Cameron’s house with Dan’s brother and nephew, and Cameron allegedly claimed that Mary told him to touch her private space , the outlet reported .

“Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Mary Cosby (FOX)

Shortly after filming the show, Cameron died. Lisa paid emotional tribute to her dear friend in a touching Instagram post, listing all of his accomplishments and recalling what an amazing person he was. She wrote: “His was taken the day before Cameron went home to celebrate his birthday in Chicago. Little did I know it would be the last time I saw Cameron. He loved building, helping, growing and was an amazing brother of mine. we love you cameron I once asked Cameron to send me ALL the things he has been working on so I can help him more. This is what he sent me. He is savvy, kind, smart, creative – a leader and my friend: he is loved. He will be missed. I am proud to call you my friend and brother. @cam.everwoke @wicame I will wear sunglasses forever. 💕 Fun facts about Cameron and how much he influenced us all. Our hearts, our community and this world. 💕”

“He was a top-ranked athlete, former fellow of U. of Oklahoma College, graduate with degrees in economics and African American Studies, worked in banking and finance at Goldman Sachs, taught myself to code, and now works for Domo as a director of Partner Solutions and Diversity Startup Advisor to several companies Board Member of Utah Foster Care Utah County Committee Member of Utah Black Chamber of Commerce Leadership Committee of Living Color Utah DEI Committee of Women’s Tech Council CEO Roundtable Member of the Governors office for the D&I Compact Diversity TA Leadership Council Member Diversity Roundtable Member for EDC Utah Past Chair of the Utah Cultural Trust,” the homemaker listed in her post.

Season 2 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs every Sunday at 9:8c on Bravo.

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