Roanoke leaders ask the community to be patient after a violent, deadly weekend

ROANOKE, Virginia. – The weekend in Roanoke ended like many others before: with multiple shootings.

Three separate shootings killed one man and took two people to the hospital.

“Before we can fully heal from one trauma, another trauma has set in,” said activist Bernadette Lark.

Just hours before the first shooting of the weekend, Lark was at an event supposed to work against gun violence.

“If we really want this violence to go away, the people who commit this violence must leave our community,” Lark said.

“This is not an easy solution,” said Roanoke Vice Mayor Patricia White-Boyd. “I know that the chief of police, the city council – we’re doing everything we can.”


The first of three shootings occurred on Peck Street NW at around 7:30 p.m. Saturday night.

A neighbor who refused to be identified described the scene. “When I got home, there was glass in the middle of the street. I thought it was a wreck. The further I went up the street, I saw the police in the parking lot and there was also glass at the end of the street. “

According to the police, a victim went to a nearby fire station. You were taken to the hospital.

About five hours later, a man with a minor gunshot wound was found on Eden Drive, police say.

Then, at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, a man was found dead in a house within the 3100 block of Williamson Road.

“This dividing line: northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest – or however we break it down. It’s a problem for us, ”said Lark.

As crime rises across the country, Lark wants to do more to contain things here at home.

“If you went to these cities to compare success stories, I could accept that but not bring the same pain from another place because that is distracting to me,” Lark said.


The Roanoke leadership hosted a public forum for citizens to express what they thought should be done to combat violence.

“We ask our residents to be patient with us and keep trying to be safe, but we are doing everything we can to try to contain this gun violence,” said White-Boyd.

“Public safety is a shared responsibility. Just as we need these state and federal partners, we also need you, the community, our members of our community, to hold these individuals accountable, “Roanoke Police Chief Sam Roman said during the event.

There were no arrests in the three weekend shootings.

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