RTÉ Toy Show Appeal gives Meath Children a huge boost

Support, service, and creativity are paramount with Meath Scholarships

Second round of funding from 6.6 million euros announced

Meath children are expected to provide additional support, services and access to Art and creativity due to grants from RTÉ Toy Show Appeal which were announced by the broadcaster and the Community Foundation for Ireland today (June 25, 2021).

Children at immediate risk of domestic violence, seriously ill children, young carers, young travelers and members of other ethnic groups should receive grants from national self-help groups, organizations and charities.

The RTÉ Appeal to toy exhibitions raised a breathtaking € 6.6 million in donations from television viewers on a truly magical toy show night in December. Half of this money was split between three major charities; Barnardos Ireland, Children’s Health Foundation Ireland and Children’s Books Ireland.

The remaining money from the Fund was made available to children’s charities through an open call for grants administered by the Community Foundation for Ireland, which is now to be announced.

In addition to national lifelines and support organizations, local Meath groups have successfully received grants for groundbreaking projects aimed at improving the lives of young people in local communities.

Meath Springboard Family Support Services will offer children with mild to moderate mental health problems (MHI) a timely, affordable and accessible counseling service that is specifically aimed at children from privileged backgrounds who would normally not be able to seek counseling for reasons of cost. Meath Springboard Family Support Services will ensure that the children who suffered from food and educational poverty during Covid 19 are supported to recover mentally from Covid-19 and return to the fullest and most positive childhood experience possible. (€ 68,000)

Meath Womens Refuge and Support Services The aim is to create a welcoming and safe place for children seeking refuge so that they have the opportunity to participate in creative and cultural activities that promote their personal development. Play and creativity will be the main medium and methodology of engagement, as research shows that for children under the age of 12, non-verbal games are the most important means of communication for children. (€ 54.903.78)

Meath children will also benefit from a number of national grants. A new National Dyslexia Learning Center is developed a Literacy program for deaf-blind people pioneering work is done, The Irish Wheelchair Association will encourage creativity in children while the Soar health and wellbeing group starts a five-year mission to ensure support is offered to every student in the transition year.

Vulnerable children in Meath and across Ireland is supported by initiatives including the development of a traveler mental health service, My Life Now will ensure that children caring for a loved one are supported in their development and continued education, while SafeIreland develops support for children in violent families.

Ryan Tubridy, host of the Late Late Show, said: “It’s time to show the people of Ireland where the money they dug for last November is going direct to children across the island of Ireland who are better, happier, safer and more creative, Making people richer and more nourished lives from these donations.

Thanks again to the viewers of The Late Late Show for your continued overwhelming generosity. The RTÉ Toy Show Appeal will be there again this year to change children’s lives for the better. ”

Saoirse Ruane, the Galway girl whose story inspired the creation of the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal, added, “I’m delighted that my story inspired Ryan and The Late Late Show to launch the very first Toy Show Appeal last November.

I am very excited that the money will help such wonderful charities. Since the show I’ve been busy learning to ride a bike, getting back to school and just playing camogie again. ”

In total, over 675,000 children and family members across Ireland will benefit directly and immediately from the total proceeds of the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal, and thousands more will benefit from investments in vital medical and other resources in the years to come.

RTÉ General Manager Dee Forbes said, “It is truly fulfilling to reach this stage in the process where the generous donations from the public through the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal are being distributed to so many worthy projects in support of children and children their families across Ireland and Northern Ireland. I’m proud that an idea we came up with a few months ago, based on the generous spirit of the Late Late Toy Show, has such power for good. ”

Denise Charlton, Executive Director of the Community Foundation for Ireland added: “The generosity of the audience was overwhelming and is now being implemented locally in communities where it will make a huge difference to children and their families. The positive effects we will see on so many young people in the coming weeks and months should inspire us all. It is also a sad reality that in the current challenging times, group demand for this round of funding has exceeded the support available. As a Community Foundation, we are very much aware of this deficit and remain determined to work with partners to address this challenge. ”

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