SEIU503 Local | SEIU 503 members hold out in historic 2021 legislative session

Published: June 30, 2021

The Oregon 2021 legislature was truly historic. The session began with a grim economic outlook, that of a series of improved revenue forecasts and a one-off infusion of US $ 2.6 billion in federal aid. Thanks to the advocacy of SEIU members and our partners, these resources have translated into historic investments in our essential public services. During our campaign for Essential Worker Pay did not materialize until the session ended, SEIU 503 members made significant profits in 2021 that enable us to win good contracts and strengthen our communities. We also saw another premiere: (former) Representative and Freedom Foundation Senior Fellow Mike Nearman was expelled from his colleagues for letting rioters into the Capitol.

Check out the summaries below for more specific information for government employees, home carers, and personal support staff, higher education, nursing home staff, and more!

State authorities

Almost all government agency budgets at the current service level (CSL) or higher and $ 190 million have been allocated to our salary pots. provided next contracts. We have fought to ensure agencies severely affected by the pandemic received the resources they need to keep their workforce and provide the essential services that Oregon residents rely on. We were able to fend off and pass all cuts in PERS and PEBB HB 3047, the “Anti-Doxxing” law, the gives people recourse if their personal information is used to harass them online. Click here for more info.

Home care and personal support

Through the advocacy of our members, we were able to secure one-time payments for the pandemic and increased resources for wages and benefits. This year’s negotiation pot is $ 30.1 million, an increase of 50% over 2019, which means our total resources for We’re negotiating our next contract to nearly $ 80 million. Click here for more info.

higher education

SEIU 503 members helped raise $ 900 million in Public University Support Funding (PUSF) negotiate a good contract. Senate Act 712 expands the voting rights of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) for students, faculty, and staff, and gives our members a voice in how the higher education system in Oregon works. We have also helped pass a number of laws that make education more affordable, accessible and equitable. Click here for more info.

Nursing homes and long-term care

On the heels of a global pandemic that exposed inadequacies in our state’s long-term care system, our union carried out an effort that resulted in Oregon lawmakers taking a bold step forward to reform the way seniors and people are made with disabilities in Oregon. A package of bills passed in the final days of the legislature aims to address personnel issues (SB 266 and SB714), lead to more transparency (SB 703) and access to health care for employees (SB 800) in Oregon’s long-term care facilities. In addition, lawmakers have increased public funding for care facilities to raise wages and create opportunities for companies to invest in their infrastructure. Click here for more info.

Nursing homes for adults

When the American rescue plan was passed in March, our union seized a great opportunity to ensure resources were flowing to our members, including a 10% increase in the FMAP (Medicaid) rate for Home and Community Care Services (HCBS). Through the advocacy of our members, we have secured resources for one-time pandemic payments and increased resources for wages and benefits, including a salary pot of $ 20 million and additional one-time resources for wage increases.

Strengthening the community

The members of SEIU 503 represent the diversity of our country. We are black, white and brown. We are multigenerational Oregonians and immigrants living in rural areas and cities. We reflect the spectra of gender and sexual orientation. Some of us are also experiencing food and housing insecurity, and we are all increasingly feeling the effects of climate change. While the legislature fell too short A breakthrough criminal measure enabled us to make historic investments in casing and Behavioral health as well as key wins in Health care, Immigrant rights, Family supports, public safety, Broadband, Water infrastructure, Fighting forest fires, and Climate justice. Click here for more info.

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