Shane Gunnoe and Zachary Wallick seek the post of Dover Council President

DOVER – Two people are running for the post of President of the Council of Dover in the November 2nd general election.

Council President Shane Gunnoe will be challenged by Zachary Wallick, who is a registered candidate.

Here’s a look at each candidate.

Surname: Shane N. Gunnoe

age: 39

family: I’ve been married to my wife Kelsie for 7 years and we have two children, Brayden and Brystal.

job: Senior Account Specialist, Astro Food Equipment Inc.

Political party: Republicans

Previous positions filled: Dover City Council (District 2) from 2008-2014, President of Dover City Council, 2014-present.

Why should voters choose you as President of the Council?

I have provided strong, consistent leadership to the City of Dover and have remained committed to fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency of the city government even through difficult times. I continue to serve as an advocate within the city council on important community projects like building the riverside park, improving our downtown area, and the city’s past COVID-19 economic relief projects.

What’s the city’s biggest problem and what would you do about it?

I plan to move our community forward by encouraging the completion of the riverside park and supporting our plans to revitalize downtown to expand opportunities for small businesses. Dover City Council members must continue to support the new development of the north end of the city to create additional high paying jobs in our community. Finally, I plan to work offensively with my fellow councilors to resolve any outstanding litigation with Dover Chemical in a manner fair to all Dover residents.

Zachary Wallick

Surname: Zachary Wallick

age: 41

family: Adina (woman)

job: Warehouse technician at Daimler Trucks North America, Canton.

Political party: Independent

Previous positions filled: No previous political office.

Why should voters choose you as President of the Council?

I will work with other political, civil and business leaders to restore transparency and accountability to the office of President-in-Office while encouraging the council and executive to resolve disputes at the negotiating table, not in the courtroom. I will chair the Council with complete impartiality and pledge not to be improperly influenced, pressured or coerced by anyone who is not acting in the best interests of the people of Dover.

What’s the city’s biggest problem and what would you do about it?

Dover Chemical Corp. is Dover Light & Power’s top-selling customer with a reported $ 2 million per year. The loss of DCC as an electricity customer is a terrible signal of the city’s commitment to promoting the city’s economy and could likely lead to an increase in electricity tariffs for all residential customers. It is imperative that the municipality keeps DCC as an electricity customer.

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