Shreveport city council members react to changes in leadership in the SPD

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Wayne Smith is now deputy chief of police for the Shreveport Police Department, with Ben Raymond stepping down after three years.

Smith tells KSLA that he will work on things from the start.

“Well, many things will be done in the coming months to support that. One of the things is more recruiting, more emphasis on recruiting. We need to get more help from these officials. Everyone – we all have to work a lot extra, double shifts. Get them help so they can have some free time, ”said Smith.

It was almost three months before Mayor Adrian Perkins announced to the public that he had asked Raymond to step down. Some on the city council say they are not impressed that Perkins failed to keep the city’s elected leaders informed.

One thing Councilors LeVette Fuller, James Flurry, and Grayson Boucher agree on is that Perkins owed the city council some transparency in the face of increasing violent crime and shouldn’t have left it in the dark for nearly three months.

“All of the production could have been avoided,” said Fuller.

Some on the council think white is a good choice for the job.

“It’s a good choice, but he’s been with it for 40 years,” said Flurry.

However, Boucher believes Perkins is pulling too many strings at Police Headquarters. His interference in the SPD business had brought Raymond to failure.

“I just don’t think he could do some of the things he wanted to do. And the charter is very clear. That the mayor is who he was under, ”he said.

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