Small Regional Carriers Rank #1 in WCRP’s Annual In-Store Survey

Smaller regional carriers ranked at the top of Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals’ (WCRP) annual auto insurer rankings, while none of the 10 largest insurers finished in the top third, according to results reported by WCRP.

The ranking, announced earlier this month, was based on a survey of WCRP member stores, which were asked to rate 20 insurance companies based on their overall claims-handling experiences.

According to Deb Brunett, executive director of WCRP, the top five spots in the rankings – Acuity, Erie, Auto-Owners, West Bend and Secura – have been the same “for a few years now…our industry can be grateful for that consistency. .”

Of the larger insurers, she notes, State Farm ranks in the middle of the pack, while American Family and Progressive “step up a few notches. You’ll notice that many of the biggest TV marketing insurance companies were in the bottom 10.

Among the 10 largest carriers, American Family finished first, in 7th place. Lower in the standings were State Farm, 9th; Farmers, 10th; Progressive, 11th; Nationally, 13th; Liberty Mutual/Safeco, 14th/15th; Travelers, 16th; USAA, 18th; Allstate, 19th; and GEICO, 20th and last.

The WCRP results, collected from 42 stores that participated in the online survey, generally match the national survey conducted by the CRASH Network. All of the WCRP top five achieved a B or B+ grade in the CRASH survey and finished in the top 20% of the national ranking of 93 carriers.

Like Brunett, CRASH noted that “the results show that many of the insurers with the highest ratings are smaller regional insurance companies, which many consumers may not be familiar with because these companies are not spending billions of dollars per year in advertising”.

Brunett said the survey results allow stores to “benchmark their experiences with those of other Wisconsin stores and adjust their complaints practices accordingly. Stores can actively promote top insurers based on statewide survey data.

For customers, the potential benefit of the survey is substantial, said WCRP Vice President Steve Humblet. “With mega insurance companies spending mega dollars promoting their excellent claims service, the public is often tricked or misled into buying insurance that is unlikely to live up to their promotions,” he said. -he declares. “The results of the claims department-based survey clearly indicate that the most promoted insurers are falling short.”

Some of the highest rated carriers in the WCRP survey were also among the smallest. West Bend, which ranked fourth, does business in only five states, while Secura, which ranked fifth, sells policies only in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The results can also benefit insurers, “if they have any stake in customer satisfaction,” Brunett said. “Bodybuilders shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of substandard parts that have to be used by some insurance companies when the bodybuilder wants to do the right thing for the customer.”

90% report increasing labor rates

The WCRP survey also asked stores a number of questions about their operations. It revealed that 90% had increased their labor rates in the past two years and 61% reported an influence on their labor rates through a DRP relationship.

Of all stores, 78% reported a DRP relationship. When asked if the relationship was positive for their business, 17% said very, 59% said somewhat, and 24% said not at all.

When asked which carrier insures their business, stores most often mentioned West Bend, Erie and Auto-Owners. Stores said they most often used AkzoNobel/Sikkens, Axalta, PPG and BASF paints; rely on CCC and Mitchell estimating systems, and use Snap On and asTech tools for internal scanning.

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