Spokane city leaders argue over positions on the police chief’s leadership team

SPOKANE, Washington – The City of Spokane and the city council president have divided over two positions on the chief executive officer.

The battle is over as to whether or not their positions should become classified civil servant jobs. They are currently considered exempt. This is what City Council President Breean Beggs urges.

City Administrator Johnnie Perkins says the posts will be cut. If so, it would not be conducive to the mayor’s goal of having a diverse and inclusive workforce. These positions are currently held by two women.

Breggs said his regulation would actually protect, not eliminate, their jobs.

“You can be fired when you remove a hat at any time and for any reason. They deserve the same protection that our women leaders have in uniform, civil service and trade union protection, ”Beggs said.

These are not the only positions that would be protected under Begg’s Regulation. There are eight in total.

However, emails from people who work for the city focus only on the two women who are the only female executives on the police leadership team.

Beggs said the positions were going nowhere.

“The position is still there, the funding is still there,” said Beggs.

The city says the change puts these positions at risk. Especially because of the civil service examination.

“When you get to the application process, you take a test, you come up with a list, everyone tests a little differently,” said Brian Coddington, a city spokesman.

Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl said he did not want to lose those votes.

“My concern is that these two women will lose their positions if this regulation is passed. While they can apply for new public service positions as they are created, there is no guarantee that they will necessarily be at the top of the list, ”said Meidl.

Beggs said he was unaware of any obstacles preventing these people from keeping their leadership positions. It will be on the agenda for the city council meeting on December 13th.

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