Successful Midland mayors work in partnership with community leaders and members

What exactly is the role of the mayor? Please also describe your vision for the city and offer three things you would like to achieve by the end of the semester

The Mayor’s primary role is to provide visionary and strategic leadership to the city in collaboration with the City Council and staff. As we look back at generations of mayors in Midland, we see that the most successful mayors in our history have been those who have worked alongside other community leaders and members. Their goal was to advance the city’s business for the benefit of all citizens. It is the Mayor’s job to assess the needs of the community and ensure those needs are met today and tomorrow to ensure we leave a better Midland to our children and their children.

Midland is made up of many organizations, tax authorities, non-profit organizations, corporations and thousands of individuals. Each of these organizations and individuals represents a wide variety of perspectives, goals, and priorities. The Mayor has the specific role – and difficult task – of working with the diversity of voices to set a vision and path for the City of Midland.

During my tenure as a member of Midland City Council, I have worked to collaborate with other leaders on issues related to good tax stewardship, long-term water safety, police and fire support, and improved transparency and customer service at City Hall. As a collaborative council, we have sought to improve parks and quality of life projects in our community, using public-private partnerships to encourage growth in our community. Despite all the challenges of the pandemic and everything we’ve been through post-2020, we’ve moved forward at Midland with positive momentum.

As I have listened to the Midlanders over the past few years, I believe three priorities are at the forefront in the minds of most of our citizens. If I am elected Mayor of Midland, I will also make these my priorities:

  1. Maintain strong fiscal responsibility. Midland is made up of people who want to see taxpayers’ money being used wisely. As a working mom in the oil field, I know we want the city to live within its means, just as we do in our own personal and business lives. We also want our community investments – roads, drainage, infrastructure and city facilities – to be well maintained. Deferred maintenance costs us more money over time, and that’s why we need a city tour that prioritizes the care of these essential services that belong to all of us as taxpayers. Our annual budget must prioritize maintenance and responsible city operations. While some cities across Texas have tried to disappoint their police departments and turn the police into enemies, I will always support the blue and make sure they have the support and resources they need. As mayor, I will try to keep our taxes low and not overburden families and businesses.
  2. Create long-term water security and infrastructure. During my tenure on the City Council, we identified and contracted with Fort Stockton Holdings a long-term water source for Midland. I believe this water source, in addition to several other sources secured by previous mayors and councils, puts us in a prime position in arid West Texas to have water for future generations of Midlanders. But our task is not only done with securing the water supply; This is a task that requires additional strategic planning and forethought. We must secure the right of way and build the infrastructure to bring this water to our homes, schools, businesses and hospitals. We need continuity of leadership at this strategic time to move forward from the step we have already taken to secure the source and now plan the engineering and transportation of water to our community.
  3. Improve transparency and customer service at City Hall. Transparency and customer service are key demands that citizens always make of the government structures we elect and establish. Over the past three years, we’ve heard Midlander request more transparency and responded by implementing more robust communication on social media and using more traditional news outlets. We must keep this a priority for the City of Midland by communicating well with all residents as the City continues to grow and change.

Another related concern we hear from Midlanders has been the level of customer service at City Hall, particularly for those looking to build new projects or add a simple extension to their property. Before the end of the year, we will open a one-stop shop for urban development on the first floor of City Hall. This, combined with the pre-development meeting process already in place, should greatly improve the customer experience for everyone. This is a project that is in progress and something I, as mayor, would like to see completed.

As Midland’s population rejuvenates and the many changes in our world since the pandemic, I offer vigorous leadership with proven results to hold fast to our community’s priorities of faith, family and freedom. I ask for your support and vote for Lori Blong as Mayor of Midland.

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