The brothers and sisters who need to be adopted in Cornwall

Across the UK, more than 2,000 children and young people seek loving homes as part of the adoption process, and almost half of them are in sibling groups.

Having a brother or sister who has been there the entire time can help adoptive children feel safe, quickly settle in their new home, and provide them with constant fellowship, mutual support, and emotional support throughout their lives.

Indeed, for many of us, relationships with our brothers and sisters will be the longest.

Cabinet Member for Children and Families Barbara Ellenbroek said, “Most people who choose to adopt or expand their families will consider having one child at a time.

“However, if you want a family, sibling adoption means you only have to go through the process once and you will get more support.”

This Cornwall Council National Adoption Week needs adoptive parents who can provide permanent loving homes to groups of brothers and sisters of different sizes and ages, many of whom are waiting 18 months or more to find a home.

Many of these children have had difficult experiences and for some have been the only constants in the life of the other.

The separation of siblings because an adoptive family cannot be found can cause further anxiety and loss and creates a whole host of additional problems for children who have already had a very difficult start in life.

Our priority will always be to find a home for children together. For some children, however, housing separately offers the best opportunity to develop relationships with their adoptive parents and recover from the aftermath of early abuse.

In these circumstances, sibling relationship building will remain a priority.

Barbara added, “Our adoption team is there to support you every step of the way towards adoption. No special qualifications or skills are required, we are just looking for someone who can offer one, two or maybe three children a loving home. ”

Adopted children can sometimes bring their own challenges so adopting a family group can be daunting, but there is support as well as the support you get from your family and friends.

Family groups of children are on average older than individual children, so all problems and diagnoses have already been identified. As a result, the adoptive parents have a much clearer idea of ​​the children’s challenges and can access appropriate support right from the start.

There are a number of adoption support services available to you and your family and friends, including: support groups, training, workshops, and more specialized therapy.

For many prospective parents, the biggest concern of adopting more than one child together is the lack of a big enough house or money. You need to seriously consider what this means for you as a family, but there is practical and potentially financial assistance.

If you think you could give a loving home to a sibling group, search for Cornwall Council Adoption, visit or call our friendly adoption team now on 01872 322 200.

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