The outbreak of COVID-19 has sparked demand for antimicrobial technologies |

Pandemic-driven innovation is pushing industry to adopt long-lasting antimicrobial technologies, says Frost & Sullivan

SAN ANTONIO, September 8, 2022 /CNW/ — The outbreak of COVID-19 has unleashed demand for antimicrobial technologies across sectors, according to recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan, Growth Opportunities for Global Antimicrobial Technologies Enabled by COVID-19. The pandemic sparked innovation in antimicrobial technologies and encouraged the healthcare, automotive and construction sectors to adopt long-lasting antimicrobial technologies. Additionally, the need for antimicrobial technology as a macro form of COVID-19 prevention and to reduce the risk of rapid spread will increase interest from governments worldwide in adopting antimicrobial surfaces, biofilms and coatings in construction and food packaging by 2025.

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“Interest in the development and use of antimicrobial nanomaterials is increasing in advanced nations, particularly for building and construction applications,” said Hamizah ShamsudeenResearch Analyst for Chemicals, Materials and Nutrition at Frost & Sullivan. “Additionally, these implementations offer a large total surface area, which enables the development of highly effective antimicrobial surface technologies.”

Shamsudeen added: “With bioengineered processes that produce novel molecules, metal-based antimicrobials can profile efficient solutions for infection control and health. However, they require proper management for long-term human and agricultural health use, with bioremediation as a recovery option.”

Market players can take advantage of expanding the Antimicrobial Technologies Market by:

  • Working with industry stakeholders in technology development to understand the toxicity risk of graphene oxide (GO) composites as this will enhance the commercialization potential of the technology.
  • panning the acceptance of nanomaterials to provide multi-functional benefits in packaging and FMCG industries.
  • focus on the solvent-free extrusion process through industry partnerships to advance the adoption of metal and metal oxide ions as antimicrobials and provide a sustainable alternative for antimicrobial technologies.
  • use of digital technologies, such as digital twins and electronic health and medical records to enhance antimicrobial properties.

Growth Opportunities for Global Antimicrobial Technologies Enabled by COVID-19 is the latest addition from Frost & Sullivan Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition Research and analysis available through the Frost & Sullivan Leadership Council, which helps organizations identify a continuous flow of growth opportunities to thrive in an unpredictable future.

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Growth Opportunities for Global Antimicrobial Technologies Enabled by COVID-19



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