The power to be Latinx.

“Hello everyone, I’m Andrés Cantor. Welcome to Entérate with Verizon. “

The man, the legend, Andrés welcomed everyone to the latest episode of Entérate con Verizon. The famous sports presenter is the main story of this episode, a special celebration of the Month of Hispanic Heritage by El Poder de Ser Latino, or The Power of Being Latinx.

We feel this power in so many ways: politically, economically, professionally and as V-Teamers that appear every day.

Afrolatino culture

The 2020 census brought big news for the Latinx population in this country: it is growing and with it the way Latinx people identify, especially when it comes to the Afrolatino community. V Teamer Randhy Feliz, Senior Manager at New York Metro Wireless Engineering based in Yonkers, spoke of her Dominican roots and credits her family for instilling their confidence. “My mother always taught me to be really proud of my African roots. She taught me early on that the melanin on my skin is beautiful. “

Panamanian Gamal Caton, a 13-year-old Verizon veteran and senior manager for inside sales in Columbia, SC, said he struggled with his identity upon arriving in the United States. “There weren’t many Hispanic children who looked like me if they were black. And then the kids who were black didn’t speak Spanish. So I just didn’t know where to fit in. “

Randhy says she tries not to be impressed with the colorism. “There is a concept of having lighter skin that gives you more benefits or puts you in a better class. That’s why I was always motivated by negative comments or someone who told me that you can’t do it because of the color of your skin. “

Gamal says he’s encouraged by how many choices the Latinx community now has when it comes to identity. “You have the option to choose whether you are Hispanic or Latino and then it still wants to ask you if you are white or black, right? So I think the questions will get better. “

Both Randhy and Gamal spoke on a SOMOS panel last year on Afrolatino culture, a panel that reportedly helped attendees find people with similar experiences. Gamal said, “You really wouldn’t know how many other people are going through some of the same challenges that you are. So if you speak up, you can help this community, really raise awareness, and even learn some best practices to help people overcome some of these colorism problems, micro-aggressions that happen to us too. “

Spanish lessons

We noticed that some of you are still having trouble saying “Entérate”. That’s why we asked some of our retail friends to give you Spanish lessons. Rachel Villarreal, Miami retail specialist with Cuban roots, also threw in some great Cuban slang. Assistant manager Flavio Verdun from Argentina and Michael Barahona from Ecuador, a retail specialist – both from the Orlando area – also contributed some great new Spanish words. Now we know that we should avoid getting “chuchaki” and no te olvides de “textear” el mejor “brete”. And remember, with 5G, te vas is “a las chapas”!

Gracias a Rachel, Michael and Flavio for new Spanish classes.

Latinx entrepreneurs

Latinos get along in business, and the numbers prove it. We’re the fastest growing business group in the United States. In the past 10 years, the number of Latino business owners has risen 34 percent, according to researchers at Stanford University.

Verizon worked with many of these companies through grants and technology support during the pandemic. Theresa Chavez, a Wyoming entrepreneur, is one of the lucky recipients. She owns Flowering Journey Wellness and is a certified sound healer. She says the pandemic has forced her to change her entire business process and take her classes outdoors and online. Theresa said the Verizon Scholarship enabled her to stay afloat and continue to serve her community. “It also enables me to give a scholarship to people who may not be able to afford it or who do not have the money or resources to use my services because of the pandemic.” To support Theresa’s business, Click here.

Andrés Cantor

Is there anyone more famous in the football world when it comes to sports casting than Andrés Cantor? It’s his voice that we remember every time a big goal is scored: “Gooooooooooooooooooool!” Diana grew up with his voice watching the World Cup with her family, so this conversation was particularly meaningful to her.

Andrés told us that he had his big break while writing about sports for Formula 1 and boxing in high school. “Then in February 1987 I got a call for an audition with the old Spanish International Network. They hired me immediately after the audition to do color annotation on the first game I recorded and then do it for game on the second . “

What followed was a decade-long career calling the most memorable soccer games in history. Diana wanted to know where his signature was – she shouted “Gate!” – came from. Andres praised the sports announcers who preceded him. “I always say that I never invented anything. I grew up with it. All the radio announcers are shouting the ‘target’ the same way I do and when you flip the channels these days, all of them are shouting the targets pretty much the same. Back then, when everyone was watching our programs, I happened to help publicize a way of calling football with a lot of passion, especially during the 1994 World Cup when I was at Univision. “

Andrés explained his current partnership with Verizon: “We are very excited to have Verizon as one of our main sponsors for Futbol de Primera. We recently signed a general agreement with Verizon that not only includes radio sponsorship of next year’s World Cup in Qatar. It will sponsor the daily show, our vignettes, our World Cup qualifiers from Concacaf Mexico, us, El Salvador, Honduras. ”He said his daily show will be aired by local Verizon stores next year.

Who is better, Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi? You have to be careful which of his compatriots this Argentine chooses! To see our full interview with Andrés and hear a crazy story about Diana in the hospital watching soccer with her newborn son, download the Inside Verizon app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for this exclusive.


We still have two weeks in Hispanic Heritage Month and SOMOS, our Latinx ERG, has planned many events including:

  • Latinx Dancersize on October 6th at 11 p.m. ET
  • Professional pursuit on October 7th at 4:00 p.m. ET to advance your career
  • My Immigrant Story on October 15th, moderated by SOMOS sponsor Ronan Dunne, right after Up To Speed ​​Live.

For further information, click here.

Global selection

We want to help you celebrate this special month by calling your family with free Global Choice. New mobile subscribers can choose one of 11 Latin American countries for free, including Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and more. Qualified existing customers who add a line will also receive free Global Choice. To find out more about this offer, visit our website.

What I love about being Latinx

To exclude ourselves, we asked Latinx V-Teamer to tell us what they love about being Latinx. Many thanks to SOMOS for the many reasons to accept our community! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Tell us what you think about up to speed.

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