The resurrection of the X-Men brings failure to their future leaders

Krakoan Resurrection is the perfect recipe for a terrifying totalitarian regime where the current leaders of the X-Men never die and rule forever.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for X-Men Red #4

A despicable villain Marvel Comics I just raised an incredibly important question X-Men Red #4 that could portend the future downfall of the mutant nation of Krakoa: if Krakoan mutants can never die and the leaders of the Quiet Council aren’t democratically elected, what’s to stop the current Quiet Council from ruling forever?

Krakoan Resurrection and Immortality has been primarily portrayed as a future-altering massive leap in mutant evolution, but eventually some non-mutants are beginning to wonder at the potential for a long-term, if not forever, fascist totalitarian regime on the island of Krakoa. Krakoa’s government is made up of X-Men heroes and villains, some like Sinister and Exodus already having a penchant for dictatorial leadership, but the real threat to Krakoa’s long-term continued existence is Professor Xavier, who already sees himself as a god .


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in the X-Men Red #4 – Written by the acclaimed Al Ewing with striking art by Stefano Caselli – Storm, Regent of Sol and current leader of Arakko’s Great Ring, attends an impromptu meeting hosted by the Shia Oracle. Oracle announces to Storm and other galactic leaders like Emperor Dorrek VIII and King T’Challa that Majestrix Xandra the Shi’ar, daughter of the former Majestrix Lilandra and Charles Xaiver, has been assassinated. T’Challa is quick to bring up the idea of ​​a mutant resurrection on Krakoa, since Xandra is a semi-mutant, to which Orbis Stellaris, the rogue leader of the Galactic Rim Collective, objects, stating, “Why this death? Why can only the mutants of earth deny the reaper? And what happens the next time she dies? …it will place an immortal dictator on the throne…” Of course, Storm is quick to tell the assembled groups they have it beautiful revived Xandra and that they have no say in mutant lives, but in a way this just proves the point that the Krakoan leadership is on the verge of potentially becoming a forever totalitarian state.

Interestingly, in the same issue, Magneto, now sitting next to Storm on the Great Ring of Arakko after killing Tarn in the Circle Perilous, confirms his and Storm’s commitment to defending Arakki society by publicly destroying their only Cerebro backups . However, the fact that most of Krakoa’s Quiet Council, all but Storm, could possibly never die and to be resurrected and remain in power forever is truly chilling, especially given that the members of the Quiet Council are not democratically elected and there is very little to no transparency from the council to regular Krakoan citizens . In a way, it appears that the annual vote on who will be on the X-Men team will be announced at the second annual soon Hellfire Gala, is a way for the Council to keep the Krakoans complacent and give them a false sense of democracy when their leaders, made up of some literal war criminals, are actually chosen and possibly sentenced for centuries. It’s simply unsustainable that the Quiet Council stay young and in power forever without Krakoa becoming a fascist dictatorship, as Magneto proves, “What I’m becoming with endless time? I’m afraid, Isca, I’m afraid.” Also, Krakoa is all about their “make more mutants” law, but what’s the use of making more and more mutants if potential leaders can’t gain power in the future because their ancestors can’t die in the Quiet Council, and too selfish to resign.

Ultimately, Krakoa always seemed like a false utopia, but nonetheless an amazing and necessary next step for the continued security of Earth’s mutants and the X-Menso it’s not surprising but disturbing to see a villain like Orbis Stellaris make a very valid point about resurrecting political leaders and ask: “If a leader cannot die, will he ever give up his power?”

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X-Men Red #4 out Marvel Comics is now commercially available.

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