Tragic details about Doris Day

Doris Day came from a broken home when her father left her family when she was 12 TCM. In her autobiography “Doris Day: Her Own Story”, She wrote that her early memories of her father were of a “staid German fanatic”. Still, even after her father left she could never blame him.

After years of separation, the actor met her father in 1956. Loud her book, she saw him at the train station in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he invited her to visit his bar, which Day was shocked to discover was in a mostly black neighborhood. Walking into the bar, she met Luvenia, a black woman and her father’s fiancée. “I felt completely enveloped by… the wonderful change that had come over my father.” wrote Day.

She didn’t see her father again until several years later, when her mother and Marty Melcher went to her aunt’s home — in an incredibly racist neighborhood. Day invited her father, but when he showed up, he left Luvenia in the car. No one – including Day – asked them to come in, and after a brief and awkward time, Day’s father left while his daughter just waved at Luvenia in the car. The singer never saw him again.

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