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Everyone faces stress and fear, but nobody has to face it alone

Dear university community,

As some may know, a student died on campus earlier this week. Our thoughts go with family, friends, and others who knew this student. We understand that people want information in times of uncertainty, but loss of family is paramount and we ask everyone to respect their privacy regarding the details of death.

The death of a student is a tragedy that affects members of our university community in a number of ways. Together with the dean of studies, the stress management and response team (SMART) of the wellness center immediately contacts friends, professors, organizational managers and other affected students, lecturers and employees after such a loss.

Unfortunately, this recent loss has resulted in inaccurate information being leaked about on campus resources available to students during stressful times and all year round.

We are here to help

The wellness center offers services around the clock, both personal and telemedicine. There is NO waiting for services. You can come by or call 856-256-4333 to make an appointment for an initial consultation, which will be considered depending on the urgency.

Everyone faces stress and anxiety, but nobody has to face it alone. We encourage you to seek help in difficult times and look for people around you who could use a kind word. We need each other. Just a moment to show support can make a world of difference.

After the normal opening times of the wellness center, you can contact a crisis advisor as follows:

  • Wellness center answering machine: 856-256-4333, then press 3 when prompted.

  • Public Safety: Call 856-256-4911 and they will put you through to the on-call officer

  • Non-Rowan options:

    • Line of crisis text (anytime you are in emotional pain or need support): Text 741741. You can just say “hello” to start the conversation. See theirs website for more details.

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255.

    • LGBTQ Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386

    • If you identify as a young colored person, you can send the word STEVE to 741741 to get in touch with a trained crisis advisor

    • If you identify as a Muslim, you can send the word SALAM to 741741 or 1-855-95-AMALA to connect with a trained crisis counselor

  • If it’s an emergency, dial 911.

Advisory services at Rowan

There are many options for non-emergencies:

Therapy / counseling: A list of services can be found on the Counseling and Psychological Services Website. Individual and group therapies are available. If you do NOT want to use your family’s insurance for this, let the staff know and they will offer alternatives.

Let’s talk program: If you are not sure whether a consultation is right for you, you can make an appointment for an informal consultation via the Let’s Talk program. As part of the program, you can meet with a professional at the wellness center so they can help you decide what type of advice or other resource is best for your situation. If you are interested, please make an appointment yourself via the Online Wellness Link (OWL). You will receive an email with a link to check in remotely. Hours of operation are Mondays, 2-4; Tuesdays, 10-12; Wednesdays, 2.30pm-4.30pm; Thursdays, 10-12; Fridays, 12-2.

U good FAM?: This network for the promotion of the mental health and well-being of color students conducts monthly dialogues for students and provides contacts for students who are looking for advice and guidance. Check the Calendar of the Office for Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution for meetings.

Other Rowan resources:

Mental health accommodations: If you have mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, you can use the accessibility services to find accommodation. Adjustments can include taking absences into account or extended deadlines for tasks; A letter of accommodation will encourage the faculty to cater to your needs. To apply, contact the Accessibility Services; Instructions are on his website.

Success coaching: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with juggling science and life, this might be a great option. A coach can help you develop strategies and a plan to get your job done while meeting your personal goals and more general wellbeing needs. Visit the Success coaching website to find out more and to make an appointment.

Student Resilience Coordinators: You can get in touch with a university representative who can help you navigate university resources, create a roadmap to remove barriers to your success, or simply join in conversations to help you process Concerns to help. To contact a Student Resiliency Coordinator, students can contact the Vice President for Student Life / Dean of Students (Savitz 339, [email protected]).

Support group for students with stress and anxiety: This group meets a few times a month and you can find events by logging in ProfLink and then look for stress & anxiety. The purpose is to chat with student interns from Healthy Campus Initiatives, let off steam and learn some strategies, BUT this group is not therapy – just a place to talk to other students.

Active minds: This student organization promotes mental health awareness and organizes events. It’s a great group to get involved with. Information can be found on ProfLink.

Chill & chat: Rowan Healthy Campus Initiatives offers this opportunity every Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. to just hang out, chat and play with student interns. You can find events by logging in ProfLink and then look for chill and chat.

Shreiber pet therapy program: If you like dogs, visiting one of Rowan’s therapy dogs can be comforting and a nice break from schoolwork and other worries. The center offers both virtual and personal appointments; You can schedule and check on the calendar your website.

Other options / non-Rowan resources:

Online peer support: TogetherAll is an online mental health service that provides people with 24/7 access to community and professional support. Through TogetherAll, Rowan students can access FREE online peer-to-peer support 24/7, connecting with others who are experiencing similar struggles, and each other through their shared experiences of stress, anxiety, isolation, and other general psychological ones Support problems. To access the service, visit www.togetherall.com and enter your Rowan email address to register.

Non-Rowan Advisory Resources: If for some reason you don’t want to use Rowan’s Wellness Center, here is a list of providers in the Glassboro area.

Resources and lifelines for color and LGBTQ students:

  • Ayana therapy – Online therapy for people of color and intersectional communities

  • Muslim youth hotline: 1-866-627-3342

  • LGBTQIA + The Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386; Chat option also available on-line

Emotional wellness toolkit: Some good memories and basic advice on managing stress and self-awareness are included in this kit.

App for stress, anxiety and sleep:

  • Insight timer is a free app that offers soothing music and sounds to help you fall asleep, guided meditation, and engaging mindfulness conversations.

  • the Quiet app offers guided meditation to relax and fall asleep. The app is free and in-app purchases are possible.

  • the Dare app offers complete audio solutions to help you overcome anxiety. It’s free to download some free content and some paid / subscription content.

  • the Shine app offers daily self-care opportunities through meditation, reflection and connection with a community. This app was founded by women in the BIPOC community who particularly want to support the well-being of marginalized groups.

  • the Breathing exercise app (iPhone only) offers free, guided breathing exercises that can help with anxiety and sleep problems.

We work together to serve and support our community,


Scott Woodside
Director of the wellness center
[email protected]

Amy high
Deputy Director of the Wellness Center
[email protected]

Kevin S. Kött
Vice President of Student Life / Dean of Studies
[email protected]

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