What does it mean that Anonymous is declaring cyber war on the Russian government?

Anonymous assured that this action was due to military pressure recently exerted by Russia against Ukraine.

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The tensions persist Ukraine after the attack of the Russian army on its territory. According to the Ukrainian government, the invasion has left at least 100 dead and around 100,000 displaced. Russian soldiers are already deployed Kiev (Ukrainian capital), while from Russia in the early morning hours of this Friday it was announced that negotiations are open as long as Ukraine “lays down its arms”.

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In this context it is this anonymous Recently announced that it is a cyber war against the Russian government, a message that would be supported by the victim wave of Russian government sites, such as the web platform of the Russian Antimonopoly Service and that of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Added to this is the alleged decline of the Russian media RT News, which Anonymous called a “Russian propaganda station.” In the series of trills, they added that “Russian forces are preparing to bomb the capital of Ukraine,” which would be part of the information extracted in one of their computer attacks.

In this regard, the Russian Federal Security Service “Critical” refers to the threat level of cyber attacks, a statement that just a few days after this entity warned of an increase in the intensity of computer attacks on Russian information resources, specifying that even infrastructure facilities are at risk critical information, ie , important technological platforms which, if affected, could cause significant damage.

“Attacks can be aimed at disrupting the operation of important information resources and services and damaging reputations, including for political purposes. In addition, in the future it is possible to exert harmful influences from the Russian information space in order to create a negative image of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world community,” the official said. National Computer Incident Coordination Center From Russia.

Remember that so far this year Ukraine was also the target of computer attacks, which registered the fall of some of the government’s main ministries. In addition, recently the computer security company ESET warned of its presence HermeticWiper on Ukrainian territory, which is malware that, when infecting computers, can erase their information, so its destructive potential is significant.

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The cyber war between Russia and Ukraine developed like this a few days ago Nato announced the appointment of a team of 12 computer security experts to help Ukraine defend itself.

Some have dared to use the term “hybrid warfare” to describe what is happening. In short, this is a war that uses not only soldiers, guns and tanks, but also “hackers” or “crackers” (depending on how you look at it) who, at best, try to impede communications , delete important data or advance espionage operations.

The implications of Anonymous’ declaration of war

For many, Anonymous is an organization of activists and computer security professionals acting for one or more common reasons. And while part of it is true, the truth is that everyone could be part of it, because Anonymous is more than a group of people, it’s a pseudonym.

For this reason, Anonymous lacks an official website or social networks. It’s common to see a multitude of accounts created in his name, in fact one of the most popular (with six million followers on Twitter) recently recalled: “We are a decentralized resistance movement. There is no official account,” she explained.

This anonymity also exposes weaknesses of Anonymous, e.g. B. when someone says whatever is on their mind or spreads false news or information. Generally, those who follow these types of accounts trust their ads when they come from accounts that have been shown to be consistent with the causes that the groups using this alias have defended in the past, or the evidence supporting theirs publish actions.

Specifically, Anonymous’ declaration of war on Russia is nothing more than a group of people (possibly located in different parts of the world) who have agreed to fight cybernetically against that nation, arguing that they are reacting to the actions they are taking carried out against Ukraine. Their scope can result in government websites being taken down (as has happened recently), essential information being removed or extracted, or, in more complex cases, direct attacks on critical infrastructures.

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According to the Computer Security Analysis Platform network scout, currently the United States is the main source of computer attacks (with segments of 110 attacks per analyzed period). Further down the list are Russia (48 attacks) and Ukraine (35 attacks). The computer security company of Russian origin, for its part Kaspersky Lab, shows that the most frequently attacked country today is Russia, followed by Brazil, China and the United States. Remember that this panorama shows the behavior of Friday February 25, so it may vary in the coming days.

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