Wilmington approves contract to improve Portia Mills Hines Park in Northside


The city council unanimously decided last night to fund long-delayed improvements to a north side park.

Portia Mills Hines Park missed the boat when it came to funding improvements during the park’s 2016 bond package – since then, local residents have asked for better facilities at the park.

The park is on 10th and walnut-a2.7 acre lot that was developed into a small section with a playground and basketball courts. The rest of the park is an empty field.

In 2018 a local youth group called Voyage Youth Leadership Council of the Blue Ribbon Commission has drawn the city council’s attention to the issue.

The group told council members at the time that they were disappointed with the absence of the park $ 38 million Parks bondmost of which were used to develop Riverfront Park.

The money from the bond was also used to improve Olsen Park in Murrayville, which is not within the city limits but is a joint venture with the city and county.

Councilor Kevin Spears spoke directly to the youth who were campaigning for park improvements shortly before the city council vote.

“Shout at the kids who came here two years ago and started the project, so to speak,” Spears said. “And I wanted to tell you that the system works. It works. It may take a minute, but it works. “

In 2019, a year after the youth testified at a city meeting, council members voted on the appropriate funding for the project. A bid was made that spring and the council selected Paragon Building Corporation to build the new improvements. The panel voted unanimously in favor of this regulation.

The park will have a pavilion, toilets, new lighting, sidewalks and a parking lot. It will cost a total of $ 643,758. The council also passed a resolution adding $ 57,900 to the project budget as an emergency fund.

Much of Portia Mills Hines Park is unchanged, but that will change with the planned improvements.


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