You have a little extra time before student loan bills arrive in your mailbox

As the freeze on monthly payments and interest for millions of federal student loan borrowers expires on December 31, the Education Department orders companies that collect federal student loans to temporarily postpone sending bills to borrowers .

The postponement may conflict with the deadline that agents should start sending borrowers for payments due in early January. Loan officers are required to send borrowers a billing statement at least 21 days before payment is due.

Last week, the federal student loans department was asked to stop sending billing statements to borrowers until at least December 8.

In August, when President Donald Trump announced the extension of loan benefits, he said he would “most likely” extend the relief further in early December, but it is not clear if that is still his plan.

Discussions to possibly extend the federal student loan due date from January to February have taken place, which would not include any further executive action by Trump.

About 41 million federal student loan borrowers have had their loan interest suspended since March 13, and about 33 million of those borrowers have had their payments suspended.

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