Youth Leadership holds conference on September 20th

Local high school graduates will receive leadership training and learn who will receive a portion of $ 9,000 in scholarships at Bartholomew County’s leadership training conference on Monday at The Commons.

The event is aimed at the approximately 150 high school students who are part of this year’s YLBC program, said committee member Todd Voelz.

Parents will not be attending the event, but a live stream will be available from 1:00 p.m. Josh Burnett, communications coordinator for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp., said the livestream will be available on BCSC’s YouTube channel.

The event kicks off at 8 a.m. with a leadership workshop led by the Minneapolis-based National Youth Leadership Council.

The scholarships will be announced in the afternoon program. These are based on the students’ work in the run-up to the event – including résumés and essays as well as participation in professional interviews.

“Based on the total score of the essay, résumé and interview, we are honoring two overall winners with $ 2,500 each,” added Voelz. There are also $ 200 awards for each of the top 10 essays.

The afternoon program will also feature guest speaker Mason Engel.

Engel, a retired youth leadership student in Bartholomew County, graduated from Columbus North High School in 2013 and earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Purdue University’s documentary, The Book Tour in 2017.

In relation to the COVID-19 protocols for the event, masks will be worn and hand sanitizer will be available.

“You will be socially distant at tables,” said Voelz. “So all of the restrictions are mostly things that they have in BCSC schools. We will make sure that we have them at the event. “

All youth leaders also receive a certificate at the event.

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